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  1. Okay, I wasn't seeing that one, felt that it may have some benefit, if Michael someday decides to try adding f18a functionality to Mame, this may point the way. Can you post a link? thanks.
  2. Can you post a link? thanks.
  3. Looks like a serial and ps2 to usb cable?
  4. How would a disk image be labeled for this source code version, I do have a lot of stuff on hard drive and dvd storage, and it could be that I may have gotten this from somewhere online an stored it. Because even though I wasn't really active again till a few years ago, I played with Mess, Classic99 and Win994a. And was trying to save disks till I started working overseas as a contractor. Could have it?
  5. Can we get the dsk images of the protected disks to compare? Curious.
  6. I'm one of the celestial beings, I just popped in for a brief, roughly 100 year visit, then will pop out, my spirit flowing on.😉
  7. The blue is nice, I bough a blue one from Mantadoc about 3 years ago, but it never got to my house. Lost in shipping in Europe I guess.
  8. I remember in the very early 90's, the fist TI I got, I and my sons, got a hold of some kind of Radio Shack module, I believe and tried to plug it several times into the TI console port. It never worked after a few times of that. We thought they were usable in all computers, found out the hard way for sure. Not trying to change the thread subject, just hit a memory spot with Airshacks picture.😄
  9. First try my effort got to 18.8MB and then failed. Will try one more time. 2nd try 57.5MB then failed.
  10. I'm trying to download also, let you know.
  11. You could do a google drive drop.
  12. Yea, I'm mostly into jeeps and GMC/Chevy 4x4 trucks. I have an Hummer H2 I rebuild from a wreck, an 04 Duramax Silverado rebuilt side and utility box from a wreck, 02 Yukon Denali built from frame up, installing a GM LS engine and transmission in a 89 Grand Wagoneer, just installed an engine transmission in a 99 squarebody Yukon, was a theft recovery. Busy, busy, busy. 61 years old and by the grace of God, still hitting it hard.
  13. I'm well, working from home, replacing engines, transmissions and building my project cars. Not a lot of TI time, but when I do it's rebuilding my PEB cards I blew out last year when an aluminium bracket on my rs232 card, converted to HDX, shorted against one of the other cards. Slowly recovering as I have a lot of irons in the fire, and my cars are more important. I was given a TI and Peb, by a gracious person who browsed this pages and am using it some to for testing my cards. Did get my Sams operational again, as well as a foundation 512 card, converted to myarc eprom and am currently working the one of my two CorComp ramdisk that was in the mishap. Life goes on.
  14. My local walmart had the ONN thumbdrive on clearance 128GB for 11.00 I almost bought it but got two 1.00 16GB's and a 64GB for 3.00. I still may get one later if their still available, but I was in a hurry when I saw them.
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