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  1. Yeh, I've thought, ever since I first got my Geneves, that it would be possible to design a sram board to provide maximum memory expansion for the Geneves. Maybe using methods described here https://electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/201592/modern-replacements-for-old-dram-memory-chips/201703#201703,and other places.
  2. I think it is of great benefit, to have the extra memory available. My issue with a wire is because the changes to add the 384 and flash eeproms were done back in the days of Cecure and there was no information dispersed at that time, and my stuff was stored in a crappy environment for 20 years. now a lot of those changes are documented and schematics can be found. So finding that wire shouldn't be a great issue. I'd say go for it.
  3. Okay, I am readying myself to start putting the flash eeproms back in. There was the initial socket soldered to the board, I presume you replaced when adding the eeproms 20 + years ago, then there was another socket glued to the bottom one that had some pins bent, not to touch the corresponding pin on the socket underneath. The one I am asking about is the pin with the white wire shown in the 1st photo. The pin was bent close to the body and wasn't touching the bottom socket, I suppose by design. I replaced the bottoms socket with a tooled sipp, and I am going to use a tooled socket for the upper socket replacement. So to prevent touching, I should be able to remove the pin from the sipp below that pin without adverse issues, right. Otherwise it will be hard to bend the tooled pin and solder the white wire back and still prevent touching the lower sipp pin. I am supposing this would not work right if it does touch. Am I correct?
  4. As it so happens, I am looking at going the 512K route on my PFM Geneve, I'm repairing. Was just studying @fabrice montupet 's details a few minutes ago. I have installed sips instead of sockets in the positions for the sram and pfm+/bios chips.
  5. I like this solution, think @GDMike, is looking at the possibility of a sram card that could do the same as the modified Myarc dram cards. At least that's what I would be thinking...😆
  6. Well I have seen data on the flash eeprom chips, whether it is corrupted or not is another question. I have pulled the three stack of sram chips apart and tested individual chips, on my Minipro, and they seem fine. One seemed dodgy, but holding it down while testing worked and it tested well. The next step is too replace both sockets (one is already removed) and replaced with tooled sockets, then reinstall the chips and wires, replace the resistor and see what happens. I am considering the 512K upgrade, instead of the 384k stack.
  7. If any of you have access to pc99, it has the sob groms as one of the options, I think it emulates the TIM too.
  8. Don't know, haven't delved into this stuff yet. It is the ti side software to communicate with the Z80 card, that came with the software package I have. You may be able to use other terminal emulators to do the same thing.
  9. Did just read them both, looks like valid data on each. The top one seems to carry the flashdisk info. As a side note, I think I just got my personality card fixed, will try it tonight. Had to wait for chips to come in. Saw the card at cru 1000.
  10. Yes, I unsoldred them and it is easy to distinguish which is which. Just needed to know what the bottoms chip was. So if it's the same as the top one, only a different brand, I should be able to read them in my burner, we'll see. Tried googling the numbers and not finding any datasheets on that bottom chip. Thanks.
  11. Okay, I have started pulling the sram and the flash eeproms from the board- have pulled if the old sram socket and will be redoing the bios socket, both with tooled sockets. Now I have a question on the attached photos, the top chip is the 20c010-15 chip, but I cannot find any information on the bottom chip. It says on top 20PC 9416 and on the bottom 4A0968-19108B, 1KOREA-H 4A9414.
  12. Please reread post 23 added site info.
  13. It's on the new website BeeryMiller put up, that should be okay. https://www.9640news.com/manuals/
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