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  1. Could you link that Facebook post, I'd like to see it. Thanks
  2. Never have to reball the processor😁😄
  3. This is the site that pulls up after going through Facebook, https://github.com/statpascal/ti99.pas?fbclid=IwAR335quOzGO1UUOqhmjOOTMCfjAzXVbq3RI6oV4mvaBEwUJdF34CpQgtVpY
  4. But if you go to digital thru the visit site link you find this. Notice the decimal location.
  5. Reothane 2-part urethane (60A Shore hardness) to rebuild mounts and bushings
  6. Smoldering intensity...☺️
  7. You should be able to go into defender, look for the files that have been quarantined and restore whichever you wish.
  8. Yes, they are in a film canister, I have one or two, stored away.
  9. Gotcha, I was in my truck taking a break when I read your response, never occurred that I was in my old response. Thanks, it downloaded.
  10. I would say, fill in the gaps first, them compare quality of scans, of the ones that Whtech has, if yours is superior, then use yours instead.
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