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  1. I believe that would be fine, I think a Win99 disk image just needs the extension name changed from Tidsk to dsk and is the same as a V9T9 image then.
  2. Yeh... that's my problem, I'm so broke, that when I need to buy chips, I have to get them in the 10 pieces level, just getting the first price break. Hopefully things will get better soon.
  3. You can use these instructions http://99er.net/blog/blog/2016/05/06/using-a-gotek-floppy-emulator-with-hxc-on-my-ti-994a/ https://cortexamigafloppydrive.wordpress.com/ https://github.com/keirf/FlashFloppy/wiki/Host-Platforms pretty much what you stated. After getting the firmware, whatever one you use, burned on the chip, afterward the process is similar and you will use the HxC file on the thumb drive. Been a year since I did this on any of my three goteks. Here is one I may have missed with some info.
  4. The Gotek has to have the firmware on the chip changed. There are three ways to do this, one way is to purchase a firmware update from the creator of the Hxc Floppy Emulator, or to use a firmware called flash floppy https://github.com/keirf/FlashFloppy/wiki, and one other the CortexAmiga method https://cortexamigafloppydrive.wordpress.com/ search for these terms on this forum and you should find some good help. Some of us have done it all three ways and it has been documented. Hope this helps.
  5. I have downloaded the stuff mentioned in the past and have some of my own stuff, I'll try to see if I can locate it and add it to my thumbdrive tonight, unless someone beats me to it. Oh, I just realized that I had one of my hard drives with me. Here is a bunch non cataloged and unknown content. Enjoy GRAM-S2.zip
  6. Oh yes , I have 7 on my work machine, not by choice, but I have no issues on these site, and chrome and firefox are updated regularly.
  7. Here are the files I found on the Geneve Groups....CFORM-EXE and SOURCE 720K 2009Nov7.dsk
  8. Would he divulge the controller name and system. I'd like to do some 'googling'.
  9. No, I will continue, but I have a lot of stuff going on and it is setting in a bin, waiting. I have been working on some outdoor projects the last 6 months(building and converting 4x4's) and on several other FDC, HFDC, and Geneve projects too, as well as work full-time. I do mean to continue, not a stopped project. Also blew out my good PEB a few months ago, so sort of stalled there.
  10. I think that the Title of this thread needs to be changed to the new game title.
  11. I too have some, if needed. Machine sockets.
  12. Thanks, and if the beige QI is no longer QI, then the Grom was changed to an older gromset(maybe just grom 0). I have performed this in the past myself.
  13. What turned out to be the issue with each machine? Would help others with similar issues to possibly diagnose their machines. I know the video ram and sram close to the CPU are often culprits. Thanks
  14. The first arcade game I ever played as a young teen in Clarksville, Indiana. I miss that game.
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