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  1. The foundation 128k can easily be converted to the 512k version, then modified to use as a Myarc 512k.
  2. When I worked overseas, I bought a group of projects, and I am slowly working them. But the Avalanche was a recent aquire and it was 2wd, with a locked motor. I have a 4x4 Ford Excursion frame and it is very strong, so I made the decision to take 7.100 inches out of its wheelbase and ready it to move the body over, well on its way there. It will probably sport a diesel at some point, but will start with a 5.3 LS, 4L80E, and have the luxuries a fully dressed 05 Avalanche has. But enough of this idle boasting, let's get back to the ide cards of the day. Ha...ha.
  3. Between rounds, have to purchase some new chips and have to find the correct ones. The ten sram chips I ordered, are slightly larger and the pins don't quite match up without doubling them down under the body of the sram chip. Can be forced in place, but I will also need to order some logic chips, and need to get the right kind, at an affordable price. Been trying to get Bill's EVPC tested and been doing a lot of welding and fabricating body mount brackets for the frame upgrade I'm doing on my 05 Avalanche. So slowly getting there, had to work today on trying to repair my house AC, as it seems one of my copper pipe solder joints vibrated last season and opened a small leak, and I can't get it to seal, so tomorrow, I'll have to take a hour one way trip to Brunswick Ga, to get a new pipe made. The grandkids are coming next Saturday and got to keep them cool for the nights.
  4. No, been waiting for the insane one to get his thoughts together, life takes precedent over hobby. Been plenty to keep me occupied too.
  5. Hey I have that exact cooling system, at the moment I'm my house. Lol..
  6. If you need to borrow an extention card I have one, you just need to pay shipping both ways. Pm me if you so desire.
  7. Welcome to the ti99 self repair club. We may do it right, we may do it wrong, but regardless we'll do it!!! Lol.
  8. Yes, if the ribbon cable is intact, then you can cut and lay a piece of tin foil, about 5he size of the damaged area. Then get some windshield urethane and a putty knife and carefully cover the wound. Then let it cure and it should still be flexible enough to use quite well. Or get another in face card with cable attached.
  9. I quess this begs the questions, does this work on an Ide card that has one of the other rtc chip options? Was the rtc chip that Shift838 put on the cards he created, tested with Fred's dsr, to see if it worked the same as the others, to include time date stamping? Did the other rtc options properly time date stamp and show up on a listing on the idea card?
  10. SDD 99 for me too, since that is what it has been called from the beginning, though, FinalPeb99 sounds good too.
  11. Well it's not going to be dug up for a bit anyhow I am moving files from a 4tb portable to a 6tb full size drive and don't want to interrupt the process, I was about 2/3 of the way through the process the other when my wife vacuumed and moved the keyboard, I didn't know it and sat on the board and it was going crazy, so I rebooted the machine, then found the issue. The machine rebooted and then wanted to check the 6tb drive, so I let it. Was a 2 day ordeal, then I started moving files again. Very slow a lot of html stuff. The stuff us menfolk have to deal with...oh my. Lol
  12. There used to be a ti99 theme for windows, 95, 98, XP, had a font if I remember correctly. I'll have to see if I can dig that up tonight.
  13. Yep, hard to miss, if this is there or a GramKracker. I do have both and never got them confused. ...😁
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