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  1. I piddled yesterday, but don't really use it.
  2. I wish it'd choose me!!!
  3. Can't you go to vga from DVI, I thought you could get adapters for almost any newer video interfaces?
  4. Some one mentioned this on a meme. I said " open a temp account, deposit the check, wait for it to clear, put it in a good account, close the temp account". Money banked. Simple.
  5. Well this computer is not on the internet. Not so nervous, but understood.
  6. I do need to say, I downloaded Classic99 399.018, and unzipped it onto a Dell Win 10 Inspiron One, using file explorer for the extraction, that I'm putting together for my son. The computer has Panda Dome installed as a AV and every-time I tried to run it, the exe, Panda would flag it as a virus and stop it ad quarantine it. So I thought maybe I had a bad zip file or something so I tried unzipping with 7-zip and overwrote the previous files, and this time there was no problems and Classic99 booted right up. FYI.
  7. It could be done similar to Gary's TIM design I would think.
  8. I would like a bare board too., but I want the components for repair of two others. especially want the RTC chips.
  9. I thought the newest updates to Lotherek did allow dsk access.
  10. You can go to http://www.progettosnaps.net/messui/ and get a updated version of Mess.
  11. Don't know but here a manual I found for it. 560-8102-3.pdf
  12. This will awesome, I can finally get a replacement set for one of my CC's
  13. Yea I remember this, it was this ad that made me, eventually, want to see if I could make an adapter to use 8-bit and 16 bit PC hard and floppy controllers with the ti and geneve. Still to this day think it is very possible, but I'm not an engineer only a mech and tech.
  14. Yea, and I am also thinking some from China may be rebranded v9958's but haven't tried to wire on up yet to see, but they don't work as 9938's that their labeled as.
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