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  1. The only Bluetooth Psp's are the psp Go and the Psp vita. I think it is possible to pair with a keyboard, don't know if there is keyboard support built in. Never tried. Would have to search though my burned cd's, dvd's, and hard drives to get the emulation software up and running to find out. Have all my Psp's set up for cfw, but since 2013 haven't touched them much. The Go and Vita are recent additions, circa 2018.
  2. There is a man who does YouTube videos on macbook repair. He shows how to solder smd stuff using Flux to help in the process. Helped me to repair one of mine. The Flux doesn't burn off if you place enough in the area.
  3. Grind it down, with a grinder. Something like http://www.mcamafia.de/mcapage0/dsrework.htm
  4. Yea, I've recovered some Dallas chips by removing the cover and the old battery, and installing a coin cell battery there.
  5. Same message for me. This particular file is saying to me, no I will not go.
  6. I have tried to download your OthelloHW.zip, on my Android phone, it comes up with a download failed message, every time. So I can't run it, if I can't get it to download. It must be an issue on my cell phone, as all the other files are downloading just fine. Thanks though.
  7. Ok, it may be on my side. But all the other files have downloaded without fail. I'll try again later.
  8. This keeps saying download failed, I'm using Firefox on an Android cell phone.
  9. I had the emulator too on psp. Sadly that stuff is misplaced at the moment, though I'd like to try it on my hacked Vita. Also had it on my GP2X.
  10. Yeh, if your getting a complete pbox to include the Geneve, then it may have a HFDC installed. That would be a bonus. Or he may just be including a HFDC, which would still great.
  11. I would like to test, have many of the most of the cards and devices listed, but repair on them are at a stand still due to covid related unemployment. Would like the files when tested and ready, as I believe I need some to repair some of the cards.
  12. I have several Asus and Hp Slate windows tablets and have used several emulators, win99, classic99, and others to some extent. Especially when I worked overseas and was flying in and out.
  13. I was in Columbia, Campbellsville, Knifely, Kentucky last week. No arrows, but saw 7 or 8 of Bambi's relatives. Have fun score one, and enjoy the fair.
  14. I setup pc99 in my emulator directory, and was able to move all the files from the c drive root directory to it except the directories pc99 and pc99wcfg. That info must be hard coded in pc99w, to look there.
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