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  1. where can i get three or four of this great PCB`s ? Do you still have some?
  2. jan711

    3d for 7800

    Is there a 3d game for the 7800 like the homebrews from the 2600 Havoc, Genesis and Ghost Attack for those red / blue glasses for a full 3-D effect? Thanks
  3. jan711

    Elevator Action

    Great, the list is now updated. --->
  4. jan711

    Elevator Action

    Does Elevator Action need a sara to run? Is there anywhere a list with the games who need Sara chip? I only knew this one, but there is no Elevator Action in Stargate / Defender II (8K) Crack'ed (16K) Crystal Castles (16K) Dark Chambers (16K) Desert Falcon (16K) Dig Dug (16K) Jr. Pac-Man (16K) KLAX (16K) Millipede (16K) Off The Wall (16K) Radar Lock (16K) Save Mary (16K) Secret Quest (16K) Shooting Arcade (16K) Sprint Master (16K) Super Football (16K) Fatal Run (32K) http://www.2600connection.com/articles/longevity/longevity.html
  5. Received two new "old red" Sara PCB`s from him for my 2600, excellent, i`am very glad. Thank you for the great helpful communication!
  6. Hello, can anyone tell me if it`s complicated to change a programm/Game from NTSC to PAL, or is it simple to do? Thanks
  7. Hello, where can i get Atari 2600 8K/16K/32K Bankswitch Cards (PCB) like Pixelpast? Is the Pixelpast PCB the same like the Legacy board? Please help me, and tell me where i can buy them. Regards
  8. Yes it`s already written by a member here. He said that i can send it to AA when his Name as Programmer will said, but i will do only one cartridge for my own use and it haven`t a Sara (Ram) only a PLD (F4 board need) i never programmed PLD and i don`t now how i release the PLD. Maybe i think i can use an old Cartridge, but i think it`s not releasable
  9. Thanks, but i will do it for myself to learn. Atari are absolutly a new area for me. Further more i can clear the eeprom und write another 32k game on it. i dont need a label and 25 bucks + shipping and duty/tax are not realy cheap for this projekt what i want to do. For other projekts it will be good to now that anyone can release it.
  10. Hello, i`am new here, my name is Jan and come from Germany. Hope you understand my bad english. Also i want to burn a Homebrew Game on a eeprom 1. It`s an 32kb Game and i will use a 27c256 UV eeprom. <- this is no problem! 2. Where can i get now a PCB for the burned Game (Pixelpast have no more offer and on AA i can`t find these) , What is about bankswitching? because imo i can use only 4K but i need 8banks 3. Maybe i can open another cartridge like fatal run (32k) can i change the ROM to my eeprom without mod? 4. I will only a single Modul, because this is the fact i won`t use the Harmony Thanks Jan
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