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  1. They're from "The Bridge Direct" http://www.thebridgedirect.com
  2. Quick mention of the Chameleon on Giant Bomb's 3/08/16 podcast. Starts at around the 3:01:00 mark. http://www.giantbomb.com/podcasts/
  3. Not sure this was posted yet but the Talk RETRO podcast is up, with former RETRO Magazine editor-in-chief Daniel Kayser as a guest. They cover the Coleco Chameleon at around the 53:25 minute mark. Daniel was at the show and claims that was not an SNES, but an actual prototype of the FPGA board in there. http://readretro.com/features/talk-retro-24/
  4. 2600 label maker website is not working. It is gone?
  5. What a fun program!! Some really funny labels posted. I just made a few, here's one. The rest are located here. Oh and Inky's "custard" was my favorite for some reason. Shot at 2007-08-19
  6. I wouldn't mind waiting since I plan on getting both. But I'm much more interested in the FB3 than the FB2, only because I can already play 2600 game on my Sony PSP.
  7. You are right it is heavy as any 13" CRT monitor is, so I was thinking local pickup only. Around the NY/NJ area, I could even meet someone depending on the distance. And the s-video does work. I made one of those cables to play my PS2 and Gamecube games and the picture was fantastic on it. The sound is weak so I never used the internal speaker.
  8. The monitor is still in good shape and works great. I'm looking to get $20 for it but I'm negotiable and possibly up for trades.
  9. That's right, I remember when the Flashback 2's were a preorder item from QVC and that was the only way to get the CDRoms. Maybe they dumped all their stock they had leftover? Seems unlikely to do that almost a year later. I noticed Target has it on sale for $19.99. Sounds like what I paid for it last Christmas when I bought it, or was it $30 originally?
  10. I can definitely wait some more for its release. It's good news that the project isn't dead yet!
  11. I have that charcoal Activision pad and it controls horribly. The new controller looks 10x worse.
  12. Wait, so they're only going to be available at Walmarts? Or are they just trickling in at Walmarts and they'll be storewide this fall? otherwise, maybe Walmarts website carries the Rev C's?
  13. If anyone was going to do it I guess it would be Nintendo since they have the money, but they seem to pride themselves in promoting only their main characters and would probably shelve most of Atari's gems in a vault somewhere. Nintendo really has been anti-retro for the longest time. It's really shocking that they are embracing emulation and classic gaming on the Wii, but it's a smart move that can make them extra money and gives them the ability to say "over 1000 games available at launch".
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