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  1. Fixed Shooters. There are a lot of good ones on the 2600 and it's a genre that works fine on "weak" hardware.
  2. Oops, I did it again

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    2. WienerWuerstel


      Alright, Vince #NobodyWillPropablyGetThatReference

    3. Tickled_Pink


      I played with your heart.

    4. atari2600land


      Did you remember to put it back when you were done playing with it?

  3. Action Man: Action Force. It's one of those games that become really enjoyable once you master the controls and weird physics. I also enjoy shooting the cobra's and watching them explode, which looks very violent for 2600 standards.
  4. Another package arrived today with 2600 games. Got some really nice games lately. http://imgur.com/8Gn286P

    1. Papa


      AWWWW YEAAAAHH! OFF the wall da BOMB YO!!

    2. WienerWuerstel
  5. I use a 25" Sanyo 28H1A for all my retro gaming needs. Probably going to "upgrade" to a Trinitron when the Sanyo TV bites the dust.
  6. The Bullet Club is just too sweet.

  7. All is good here as well. If someone has a question about the actual item or wants to give me an offer, then go ahead.
  8. Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion. If you are still skeptical then nothing I will say will change that.
  9. The people have spoken and I shall deliver: http://imgur.com/9wtkDLk I'm not the most honest person in the world, but I shall promise that I provide pictures in the future to prevent misunderstandings like this PS: Don't assume that every new member is a scammer .
  10. I thought that a game this rare would generate more feedback, but maybe I was just naive. I didn't name a price because I wanted to get a few offers first, and the game goes to the one with the best offer. Didn't post a picture because most here probably know how a Glacier Patrol Cart looks like. Will post one if someone needs it. And there are a lot of threads here on the marketplace that have no picture at all. PS: Is it my fault that I don't have 10k+ Post or didn't been here for a couple years? I'm a lurker and rarely use/post on forums, but that should not be a reason to trust me more or less IMHO.
  11. I'm probably not going to leave this here for long, based on the (lack of) interest
  12. Mike's reviews are getting better and better. Don't understand why the guy has so many haters.
  13. GTA 5 does look better but not a lot better. It also has some pop issues AFAIK. GTA 5 on the PC will probably look a lot better though. Much better textures and the ability to play it in 4k will make this game look like a lot better for sure.
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