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  1. No, thank you! This completely destroys the arcade (at least for my taste)
  2. Ok, this is better than the NES version (at least for me)
  3. And Amiga too. You could even connect ST-Amiga like Lotus 2.
  4. Indeed with higher resolution but there is a 68000 behind :-/ Although I grew up with the Amiga version, this looks like the DOS one with unlocked framerate.
  5. Seems faster than the 16bit version to me.
  6. "While the PC version is somehow the best, the ST version is somehow faster than the Amiga version. But there is some inconsistence in the movement, making the game normally unplayable. Well, you could cope with that, and play it. The Amiga version looks best and plays fast enough and with a consistent framerate. The C64 version was too slow to get the feeling for the needed "action" of controls. The Atari version plays fluently enough to play through "unsolvable" tracks, because you get the feeling for the controls better. Even if I hate that RAID Tune in the Title, the game itself is really marvelously playable and fine. The best 8-Bit version yet." This version is even faster than the Z80 and feels like a 16bit machine (or even better).
  7. Pathetic... Reminds me of that guy on ebay who copied exactly an Amiga badge I made for my black 1200 and sells it...
  8. I love this game, you did a fantastic job and now I need a RAM expansion for my 800XL.
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