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  1. I meant as in home consoles. Not everyone had a computer capable of playing open world 3d games. Starfox was more on rails shooter than like cybermorphs open world. Atari just didn't invest in making high quality games. They just thought others would do it instead of them having to prove that it was a viable platform. Which is why I said the tramiels didn't understand games.
  2. I loved club drive two player playing tag. Would have been a lot more fun 4 player. While not an awesome looking game, I think a lot of the problems with games in general from that era is home 3d games were so new that no one really knew what to do. Granted club drive should have been a little more polished visually, it had potential to be really good. Also, the tramiels just weren't game people which didn't help.
  3. What happens if you have the card in the cart before turning on the Jag?
  4. Woohoo! Got the tracking info. Can't wait!
  5. How do I order? I replied to the email, but haven't gotten an email back and still only shows as getting on the pre-order list for me? Did I just reply late and you haven't enabled it for me yet @Albert?
  6. Woohoo! Can't wait! Just replied a little bit ago.
  7. Still interested, but I can wait until the last one. Busy life right now so won't have time to play with it for a little while.
  8. Does the Jag GD do save states? If so, that would be a good work around.
  9. Does this also mean my catbox won't work with the GD since it includes networking?
  10. Basically replaces the cd unit with a rom cart. 3do version http://3do-renovation.ru/USB_Host_for_FZ1.htm Saturn/dreamcast/ps1(support coming soon) https://shop.terraonion.com/en/home/17-Terraonion_MODE_Dreamcast_Saturn_ODE.html
  11. And get the ODE for it. Just have to choose which model as I have the fz-1, fz-10 and gold star models.
  12. Thanks! The Snes isn't actually hooked up. I have a raspberry pi in a retroflag snes case( http://retroflag.com/SUPERPi-CASE-U.html ) that'll be taking its place eventually when I have the time to use retroarch on. Also have an og xbox to setup. Along with the 3do I mentioned.
  13. Have all of the games up through battlesphere complete in the box(except aircars that never had a box). Can't wait to get my hands on a Jag GD soon. Just working on a place to display everything. Also planning on digging out my 3DO to sit next to it. But, that'll have to wait as I'm having to much fun.
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