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  1. Got my boxes today and they look amazing! Thank you.
  2. I had a connection and got mine and the release games before new York and San Francisco.
  3. Got mine today. Haven't had a chance to play it yet, but you must be losing money on every one sold. Very nice looking!
  4. Wish it was cheaper to get to the USA as I'd buy one of each. Boxes look really good though!!
  5. Just bought one. Is it a card board sleeve, or jewel case? Couldn't tell from the pic.
  6. Got mine today and it is beautifully package! Great job on it! Very professional. Looking forward to playing with it.
  7. He hasn't used it since shortly after updating it with a ct60. So, there's been a lot of updates from what I've been reading.
  8. My dad is giving me one to play with. He hasn't used it in years and figured it's better that I use it than to have it sitting around collecting dust.
  9. I'm going to be getting a falcon with a ct60 installed in it soon. I'm new to the TOS world, and am wondering what is the best version of TOS for it? Like the default TOS,emutos, mint, etc... I was hoping to replace the internal HD with an ide to sdcard adapter and just use an SD card so was hoping to be able to have larger partition sizes, but read that 1GB is most likely the largest partition I can do. Is that right? Also looking at getting a netusbee for networking, would that matter with whatever version of TOS I go with? Any help or pointers to FAQs would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I meant as in home consoles. Not everyone had a computer capable of playing open world 3d games. Starfox was more on rails shooter than like cybermorphs open world. Atari just didn't invest in making high quality games. They just thought others would do it instead of them having to prove that it was a viable platform. Which is why I said the tramiels didn't understand games.
  11. I loved club drive two player playing tag. Would have been a lot more fun 4 player. While not an awesome looking game, I think a lot of the problems with games in general from that era is home 3d games were so new that no one really knew what to do. Granted club drive should have been a little more polished visually, it had potential to be really good. Also, the tramiels just weren't game people which didn't help.
  12. What happens if you have the card in the cart before turning on the Jag?
  13. Woohoo! Got the tracking info. Can't wait!
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