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  1. Brain dead 13 and space ace should also be like that.
  2. Looks good. I would agree with slowing down the hallway affect as the scrolling goes by to quickly compared to the creatures. Makes it look more like a projected background running on a loop than part of the actual game. Maybe half the speed? I like the face hugging spiders. Does the screen flash red when they have you, or was that the zombie attacking?
  3. I'm no programmer (trying to learn though and starting with the 2600), but I think a fun mini collection of games on the jag would be carnival/old school arcade games. Whack a mole really comes to mind for using the jags keypad in relation to what mole to hit. Skeeball could use the rotary spinner for how hard to throw by spinning the spinner(use a and c to move ball left and right and b to release?). Anyone up to the task?
  4. I don't know about that, I plan on living forever and so far so good!
  5. I was lucky enough to get one of the very first shipment. From the test market batch. Loved it then and still do. Sure there are some duds, but avp, iron solder and raiden are great. Got every game the moment they came out.
  6. I think the first gta would make an awesome addition! And, fairly sure the jag could handle it.
  7. This is a game id be interested in for sure. Probably one of the best looking(visually) releases in a while.
  8. Not sure if this is working or not. I click the recaptcha, get the green check and hit send message and I get a please wait banner and then the recaptcha times out. I'd like to be added to the waiting list though.
  9. All missions from the PC and another consoles.
  10. Has anyone looked at updating Wolf3d with complete maps?
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