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  1. I can only imagine. Got my SNES in 93, but I was 8 years old, so I had no concept of copiers, BBS, or the internet yet. I discovered emulation via an episode of CNET Central on The Sci-Fi Channel in 1997 (relevant link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MneNbxFcp8 ). When I got a PC of my own as a teenager, I discovered all the old emulators and (now defunct) ROM sites. That was 2000-2001ish with broadband, and you could get pretty much every US SNES ROM in a matter of hours if you so desired. So yeah, like I said before, you have my utmost respect renting and downloading everything as it was scene released.
  2. Nope, was never officially released on SNES or Genny. https://snescentral.com/article.php?id=1104 A lot like Lobo. Never released, but got a review and a 6 page strategy guide in Nintendo Power #84. Unlike the Barbie game though, that one didn't get dumped until just a couple of years ago. https://snescentral.com/article.php?id=0093
  3. Yeah, we were all winging it back then. It also didn't help when official sources, such as the Super NES Player's Guide, Nintendo Power, and later the PDF list on Nintendo's website, either listed games that were never released, or didn't list game that were released. Several of the ROMs on your list fall in the unreleased/prototype category: Arcus Odyssey Barbie Vacation Adventure Bobby's World Dream Probe Mickey's Playtown Adventure RHI Roller Hockey '95 The Shadow SpellCraft: Aspects of Valor Super Drift Out: World Rally Championships And some weren't released in North America: FIFA 98: Road to the World Cup (Brazilian release, but also has a PAL release) Final Fantasy V (Well, this one is obvious. RPGe's translation, I presume?) Super Bomberman 3 (PAL release) Waterworld (PAL release) Also, I'm guessing Magic Ball on your list is suppose to be Magic Boy. The first backup device I ever bought was the Mr. Backup Z64 for N64, which I discovered due to the fact that it was inexplicably advertised in GamePro Magazine. https://imgur.com/a/XfDSC I never got an SNES copier (I didn't even know they existed until years after the fact), and I didn't get a device to play on actual SNES hardware until the Super Powerpak came out. And even though I have that, as well as the SD2SNES and the SD card based Super UFO Pro 8, I'd still like to pick up some of the floppy disk based devices, if for no other reason than collecting purposes and the fact that the SNES is my favorite console.
  4. Much respect. I see that it's listed as every game from August 1991 to May 1998, minus special chips games. I had a slow work day, so I figured I'd fact check it and see if any where missing. Minus the Exertainment and Miracle Piano ROMs, looks like around 21. 3 Ninjas Kick Back (November 1994) Aero Fighters (November 1994) Arkanoid: Doh It Again (November 1997) B.O.B. (June 1993) Bass Masters Classic (June 1995) Bassin's Black Bass (November 1994) The Brainies (April 1996) Capcom's MVP Football (October 1993) Championship Soccer '94 (June 1994) FIFA Soccer 97 (November 1996) Full Throttle - All-American Racing (January 1995) Head-On Soccer (September 1995) International Superstar Soccer (June 1995) Mario's Early Years - Fun with Letters (October 1994) Mario's Early Years - Preschool Fun (November 1994) Mohawk & Headphone Jack (August 1996) Mr. Do! (December 1996) NBA Live 98 (March 1998) Super Bases Loaded 2 (February 1994) Super Nova (December 1993) Super 3D Noah's Ark (1994) The only game released after May 1998 was Frogger. Not sure of the exact release date, but the ROM date is September 2, 1998.
  5. Not taking any sides in this debate (because I don't think it really matters what anyone considers it, just that it is and that it works). I would just like the point out that KRIKzz created the Everdrive line of products, and has nothing to do with MSU-1 nor the SD2SNES (which he only manufactures). Byuu of bsnes/higan fame created MSU-1 (which he touts as an "artificial expansion coprocessor"), and it was implemented into the SD2SNES firmware by that device's creator, ikari_01.
  6. The SD2SNES had similar, if not the same, issue with all 3 of the Super Star Wars games when "In Game Hooks" were enabled starting with firmware v0.1.7. The games would either pause randomly or pause like a slow-motion button on a turbo controller. Some people also reported issues of the game resetting at random while pressing down. Ikari said "That is a side effect of the unpredictable readouts. On some occasions the readout will resemble a “known” button combination, triggering an action such as a reboot. I have fixed this for the upcoming release." He did indeed fix the issue with SD2SNES firmware v0.1.7c onward. Not sure if that info would help Kevtris any, but I figured I'd share anyway, since the issues seem similar.
  7. It's not from any actual series. It's a fan produced anime called "ZELDAMOTION" based Akira Himekawa's manga of A Link to the Past.
  8. Strange. Is this a cart only problem or does it affect flash carts as well? I updated to 4.3 earlier today and I just played "Monopoly (USA) (Rev 1)" from the No-Intro set via the SD2SNES for about 20 minutes. I landed on Chance and Community Chest probably 10 or so times and didn't have any issues. Game play was normal.
  9. I got 2 of the "Classic" colored 8bitdo controllers and have been using them every day for over a week now. They seem fine to me. They don't feel cheaply made or anything. Granted they don't feel exactly like a first party SNES controller, but what does? I haven't had any problems with diagonals as some of the reviews claim, and I've played quite a bit of SFII Turbo and UMK3. Input lag, if any, is minimal. I got a perfect 00 on input lag on the 240p Test Suite on the Super NT in Fully Buffered Mode at 720p60 (though I probably couldn't replicate it if I tried). Battery life is fairly long as well, probably just under the advertised 20 hours. But if you don't think you'll like them, you could always get just the Retro Receiver and pair it to any Bluetooth controller (like a Wii Remote with an SNES Classic Edition controller connected).
  10. In System > Hardware, is it set to NTSC? If so, that's what's causing those glitches. You have to set the system to PAL in order to run PAL games correctly
  11. I could see it being more of an issue if the SNES were currently on the market and had new games coming out for it every week, which was the case when Bung was making various "development" devices. Though modern devices, like the Everdrives, the Powerpaks, and the Super UFO Pro 8 (which is readily available on Amazon) have never had legal action taken against them, otherwise they still wouldn't be selling them. Not that it isn't an issue. Nintendo doesn't seem to care too much about clone console for NES or SNES. But then if you have a cycle accurate, high end SNES with HDMI output that semi-officially has ROM file support, then legal action might be an issue. Such a device could potentially take a chunk out of Nintendo's profits from their own HDMI SNES (that amusingly also semi-officially has ROM file support) or the Virtual Console. Though no legal action (that is publicly known) was ever taken over Kevtris' jailbroken firmware for the NT Mini allowing NES and other ROM files to be played, there's nothing wrong with plausible deniability. My point is...I don't really have a point. Just making discussion. Doesn't matter to me either way.
  12. No, it works fine on the SD2SNES, just not on an SD card via the jailbreak loader.
  13. I have. No interference between the controllers. But for whatever reason, using one or both of them does interfere with my laptops Wi-Fi signal. I use other Bluetooth devices all the time with no interference, but for whatever reason, it drops connection when using those controllers.
  14. As of right now, nothing works other than vanilla SNES games with no enhancement chips (which is what the vast majority of SNES games are). You'll get a message that says "Enhancement Chip Not Supported" if you try to run them. Also, it's worth noting that the no S-DD1/96Mbit hacks of Star Ocean also don't work on the jailbreak firmware. They'll load, but only to a black screen.
  15. https://www.retrocircuits.com/Though to get that one, you'll need to make a custom request.
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