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  1. Thanking you. I'll be sure to share if I make or get the function.
  2. Hey all, Has anyone made a routine to print a string rotated by 90 or 270 degrees? I'm looking at supporting a horizontal orientation and wondered if there was a known solution out there already. Cheers!
  3. Thanks! That's really helpful and interesting. They didn't even bother patching the Minestorm bug as they did in the MB version then! I guess it was all in the timing and uptake (not that I know the details of either of those things).
  4. Can anyone confirm if the Bandai version of the Vectrex has the same or a slightly different BIOS version to that of the GCE version of the Vectrex? I couldn't find a reference to it online anywhere. I'd assumed that they'd at least have wanted a Bandai copyright visible rather than the GCE one... but screenshots look like it's GCE.
  5. Hey @foft, thanks for contacting the UKVac forum with this awesome project! The arcade community have been after a real replacement for the Pokey for quite some time and it just about got to the point where a number of the folk from UKVac were going to do it themselves: https://www.ukvac.com/forum/fpga-pokey-replacement-discuss_topic366307.html Pokey chips have become increasingly hard to obtain and prices are just about hitting the tipping point (or perhaps even did a few years back). Your design is almost exactly what we need! @foft it'd be great if you'd let one or two of the guys from UKVac or FPGAArcade help out in reducing the size of the design so we can get it down to nearly the same footprint as the original, or we'd love to work with you on getting it tested on a selection of arcade machines and make improves / adjustments as needed. Otherwise, are you open-sourcing the design or happy to share it with us? Looks like you've put a lot of work in to this!
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