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  1. Nevermind.....phone browser wouldn't show it....worked fine on the PC.😁
  2. Must be my browser.....nothung at all up top....
  3. Hmmmm......I don't see any game play vidro through that link.
  4. Woo hoo! Just got mine! Couldn't wait for boxes or overlays.......so I made my own!
  5. A Super Nintendo is certainly not an NES......but it is a Nintendo console, without a doubt. The Intellivision Amico is not an original, a II, a III or a Super Pro System.......but it IS an Intellivision, without a doubt.
  6. I just love how the "real collectors" say that the INTELLIVISION AMICO is not an intellivision console....I think Tommy Tallirico and the Blue Sky Rangers would beg to differ. And as far as the original 125 go, whoever said that when the console isn't supported by the manufacturer anymore that anything there after doesn't count? What collecting bible is that written in? Oh yeah....it's not. The original 125 were released between 1979 and 1989.........yes that's true.....no one is disputing that. Spiker is one of the original releases, it is being re-issued by the original IP holder and guess what......the original release date is still 1989!! If you want to own the first issue for $2000, you go right ahead, more power to you, but don't tell other collectors that this re-issue doesn't count toward a full collection, because it does. There is nothing you can say or show from any "official" source that says it's not.....it's simply your opinion. And you know what they say about opinions. And by the way, if you took a poll, I would bet that there would be a lot more people who would say the Spiker re-issue counts towards completing a collection than not.
  7. I found your templates while I was searching for a way to make gatefold boxes......printed out a paper proof of concept and it worked great!! can't wait to add artwork and print on stock!! Thanks for all your work!!
  8. I got my new-in-sealed-package Dreadnaught Factor from Venezuela. I was very lucky, arrived quickly and in perfect condition for under $35 total.
  9. These are actually one of a kind.....because I make them myself. I hate having no boxes for some of my better games, so I just make them myself. They're not perfect, but they look better on the shelf than a bunch of stacked loose carts.
  10. I am very sad to hear that there will no Intellivision Flashback 2 this year, I was really hoping that licensing issues would be solved and we'd see Burgertime and some TRON titles. Does anyone know if this is because of the passing of Keith Robinson, and confusion with the fate of Intellivision Productions? I really hope that Intellivision Productions will go on, and that eventually, a Flashback 2 will materialize.
  11. Groovy, I hadn't known about this game till I heard about it on the latest Intellivisionaries podcast. It looks absolutely gorgeous and I would like to be on the list for this one if you have any left. Thanks!
  12. Oh man, what excellent news! If it's got Burgertime & the TRON games.....I might just buy two! I wonder if the Intellivisionaries will have an interview with Keith on the next podcast.
  13. I was very excited about it! I just didn't know if Joe wanted everyone to know about! You know how people whine about the littlest thing (like having to hold a reset button for a couple of seconds!) And a very nice cable it is! Thanks Joe!
  14. Got my LTO yesterday directly from Joe (in a beautiful crush proof box) unpacked it, had to manually load the drivers (damn Windows 8.1) got it all loaded up, and I am off the whole weekend. So you know what that means..........
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