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  1. Good job!
    it's a dream come true.😍
    I tried scorpion, Johnny Cage and Liu Kang
    Will you finish the game?
    will the rom or the cart be released?

    After Mortal kombat, do you plan on doing other fighting games?
    street fighter 😉
    Ultra Vortex 🤩

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  2. Hi, the seller has already sent the package.
    The criticism for this product arrived after the auction.
    On ebay I can ask for the money back only if the package does not arrive. For the rest, the seller does not accept the return of the game. I did not think a stranger had this version.
    I made the offer thinking it was authorized for sale.
    I just have to wait.
    I promise not to sell the cart and not to show the content to anyone. This is the best I can do.
    Of course if I receive the package.

  3. It was hard to choose the 10 best games! They are all very beautiful.


    1- Blue Lightning

    2- California Games

    3- Championship Rally

    4- Toki

    5- Ninja Gaiden

    6- Crystal Mines II: Buried Treasure

    7- Gauntlet: The Third Encounter

    8- Double Dragon

    9- Basketbrawl

    10- Pit-Fighter or LynxOps

  4. I wrote a small manual of the game in Italian.
    I also wrote a few lines in Italian to be placed on the back of the box.
    soon, I will translate everything into English.
    If you want to translate it into some other language, contact me. I will send you the text to be translated. I will be happy to create a game with manual and box multi-language.



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  5. I have melodies in midi files.
    I'd like to put one of these melodies in the game. On the internet I read I can reproduce this melody without problems and penalties.
    I wanted to know if you can convert the melody for the lynx with Chipper or some other program.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

  6. I spent 12 months doing this:


    emu.jpeg emu2.jpeg emu3.jpeg

    You like it?
    At the end of the project you can play against the lynx or against another player with only one console.
    the game does not work yet. I'm far behind and I do not know when I'll finish this game.
    I show the work done to let you know that the project is not dead!

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  7. Hello,
    Today I spent the day on the train without my lynx. :_(
    I wanted to train to improve the "shaken not stirred" score on the phone.
    I looked for Handy but it's not on the play store anymore!

    I installed "RetroArch64" and found that shaken not stirred does not work with this emulator. :-o
    Do you have the "Handy" emulator installation file for Android?

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