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  1. would be great. I hope confident.
  2. any of you have the rom of limny? http://www.yaronet.com/topics/9-113371-lynx-4k It seems to have been lost. In my opinion, it should create an archive of all the existing ROM. Just not to lose any more pieces of history. Do you agree?
  3. updates: Graphics: 90% sound: 90% cc65 code: 2%
  4. . Hello, I am creating a game for the lynx. I have no experience and I need to ask some questions. The game is called "Italian Checkers" I would create 2 mode. 1 player vs player 2 using a single lynx. (No ComLynx) 1 player vs Lynx. 2 Opponents sit opposite each other with the lynx in the middle. 2 opponents must be able to read your score you can write a text in one direction and the other text rotated 180 degrees?
  5. Yes. are 2 times that I can not buy Invades Japan on ebay. At least I see some screenshots
  6. I inform you that I'm making the game of "Dama" for the lynx. The work is at an early stage, but I am confident of the result. I'll keep you up-to-date.
  7. Hello, You have not entered me, in your list. I made the request via forum and through email, but do not see myself in your list. They are obnoxious?
  8. Ninja Gaiden The game is very nice. not Unfortunately the two-player mode exists. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPoqb_uNUJc Pounce The game is really very nice. The dragon is faster than Sonic. Unfortunately it was never finished. it is a pity!
  9. it is similar to the puzzle Bitchy? or only the pictures?
  10. I saw this video on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIugWtWv5Fo At minute 1:30 you see the game columns for atari lynx . I did not know the existence of this game. you? Qunalcuno of you has this game?
  11. I'll take one please. Thanks!
  12. You seem very fast. If you continue like this, you end up in a few months. Hi if you need, I can translate it into Italian!
  13. question .... If I reach 999 points with the lynx, the same thing happens in the video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHH2101OFfI
  14. Tip 1: Create a 2 player game of cards / fighting like yu gi oh. Cards can be of magic, trap and characters invented by the programmer. It would be nice to get the card from the defeated player. from lynx 1 to lynx 2. You can also play against computer opponents.
  15. Add me to the pre-order list. thank you
  16. ok. the game is not complete. How they got these pictures of the game? I wanted to connect the two lynx to get the same thing. Do you know if someone is working to complete the game? it's a shame to leave everything to the 85%
  17. I have 2 lynxes. 1 alien vs predator cartridge. 1 SD cartridge with rom Alien vs Predator I turn on the Lynx 1 I turn on the Lynx 2 it works! I read two players They select for marine for Lynx 1 and predator for Lynx 2 I confirm. Screen goes black but feel the game. Because? Sorry for my English. use an automatic translator.
  18. This game makes me crazy. After 6 hours of play continued ...
  19. I can translate it into Italian
  20. I have not saved 42, but I've saved 38!
  21. This evening I received an envelope with 2 birds. Inside I found a yellow cartridge! Wonderful! 1000 Thanks! Score: 42!
  22. I join the group. Please include me on the list for a copy also!
  23. example: http://www.ebay.it/itm/Mini-console-3G-quad-core-Android-4-2-2-gamepad-tactile-16Go-5-pouces-Double-SIM-/142163167839?hash=item211995ca5f:g:KagAAOSw-0xYQEPP
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