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  1. Today I tried my "game gear and atari lynx" edited by McWiLL. They are perfect!
  2. You could make a version of Handy0.971 easy to install on ubuntu? I tried several times without success.
  3. ebay auction is about to end. I sent my offer to the seller. If you do not accept, I doubt that he will sell it. If someone is really willing to sell it, you can contact me. For the price I can come to your hand, but forget $ 10,000
  4. I found the images on this website: https://www.flickr.com/photos/consolingmyself/sets/72157628031292511/detail/ This is what I think? Do you have any information about it?
  5. The game is very cute. I have 2 cartridges. I have to try the game in 2 players.
  6. As promised, the video of this game. http://youtu.be/lhvalqmPoNg I leave the judgment to you.
  7. I could spend 400 € for this game. But given that other copies will be released, I hope to pay much less. for 900 € should be translated into Italian. The Handbook in Italian.
  8. EricDeLee will release very soon other copies at lower prices. So, I suggest you wait and let it go this copy. ps. The seller does not ship in Italy!
  9. Do not forget: x400 for Italian
  10. They arrived: Hyperdrome Alpine Games BonusCard
  11. I apologize ... I did not want to offend anyone. I just offered to translate.
  12. I offered to translate because the genre is complicated for those unfamiliar languages. Because I do not know French.
  13. I book for a future release. of course, if someone wants to sell me his copy, please contact me.
  14. now it costs: € 119.99 If the game were for two players I'd buy one for myself. but since I already have the game in hand. Buy only the bonus that I did not.
  15. the speed of Nessie does not seem the speed of Sonic?
  16. I have not in windos pc and so I could not try it. I'm lucky .... I saw That there are other sites That give the same file ....
  17. I found this site: http://atariroms.url.ph/lynx/cge-5th/
  18. I am one of the lucky few.
  19. For this reason, I made the video! Sorry about the quality. I played with one hand and with the other I held the phone to resume. In future I will more videos
  20. Small video of Pounce! Game for Atari Lynx. Sorry for the quality. https://youtu.be/ACekTUeawr8
  21. They sell the game on ebay: http://www.ebay.it/itm/ATARI-LYNX-GAME-CARTRIDGE-ALPINE-GAMES-NEU-NEW-/351413910943?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_77&hash=item51d1e6bd9f
  22. news? I can not wait to play the games that exist only in files. Example C-Gull
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