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  1. I'd like to play it on my jag too
  2. On STNICCC 2015 (http://www.stniccc.com/) SNDHRECORD was announced. Aim of the project is to record all tunes from SNDH Archive (http://sndh.atari.org/) do formatów MP3, OGG oraz FLAC. All tunes were played on ATARI STE, without any emulation. Total playing time of all tunes is about 14 days. Thanks go to all musicians that worked on Atari ST and maintainers of SNDH Archive. You can find recorded tunes here: http://sndhrecord.atari.org/
  3. I've just talked to my msx guy, and he asked me if it is possible to play MOD starting from pattern N. He could join two (or more) mods that share samples and save space this way. I looked at Raptor docs, and it does not seem so, as RAPTOR_U235setmodule takes only MO address parameter. Can this be added?
  4. If sprite rotation is that big of a problem, then I vote for ROM support - plenty of unused space there.
  5. =RaptorBasic+FeatureRequest Hello First, THANKS! THIS IS GREAT STUFF!!! I'm thinking of writing a small game, and I'd like some features included in RB+: - sprite rotation (yes, I can pre-rotate, but memory is valuable) - mouse support (http://retrostuff.org/2013/12/31/atari-jaguar-mouse-adapter/) - fade in/out (fullscren, and if possible per sprite with translucency) Thanks
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