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  1. I'm not any good at this game even if I had the original cart back in the day. Here's my paltry first attempt: 13,200.
  2. Minor improvement. 46,200. Reached 3rd level anvil.
  3. Almost missed it. I'm back. Hopefully, I can keep in the game. Here's my first score after not playing this game for a really long time. 38,800 up to level 3 pie stage.
  4. Hi TIX, all of us who have been watching this project bloom from the onset realize and recognize your immense contribution to the look of this port and I would like to thank you for your work alongside rensoupp et cie. All the little details in the background, the characters and their animation add to a wonderful port that is certainly a landmark in retro gaming on our beloved platform. Many thanks!
  5. This port of PoP is drop jaw gorgeous and satisfyingly playable. Thank you for the loads of time and love that you poured into this project! Can't play it yet on my 800XL or 65XE but enjoyed it immensely even on the atari800 emulator.
  6. Can we add Sea Dragon to the Water Slaughter roster?
  7. My scores for the 1 Lap Series: NTSC MALIBU: 24,350 NAMCO: 22,550 ATARI: 24,300 I need to oil the machine.
  8. For Super Bunny, my score for the Low Score Club: 200.
  9. website's gone. here's the last version i was able to download last year (27 April 2020). ArchonAdventures.xex
  10. Still getting the hang of it. I've never played this game before. I don't remember ever seeing it BITD. 22,440
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