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  1. Had some free time to continue. Currently on level 21, with 23 men left, score of 115,100. Catch you later, folks!
  2. Game in progress: 23,700 Level 6 I didn't know there was a color version. Always played the original with artifacting until now.
  3. Spotted this papercraft of the Atari 520ST. Not our little 8-bit, but still an Atari. The designer also did some other retrocomputer papercraft. http://rockybergen.com/whatsnew/2019/2/9/atari-520-st-papercraft-design
  4. Since the source code is not available, is there at least any documentation about the RMT format?
  5. Disk #439: Bosconian (130 XE), Skool Daze, Woina, Aliens from Waves, Tre Robbo 52 Disk #440: Bosconian, Jack the Nipper, Great Green Adventure, 07 - Zglos Sie, Bomb Square Duel Same URL as before: http://www.mushca.com/f/atari/index.php?idx=9
  6. By no means my last try, but here's my first stab: 29,739.
  7. Those are ports of Nintendo Game & Watch handheld games from 1981.
  8. I'm in for this season, hopefully in more rounds than usual. Cheers!
  9. Thanks! Adding -std=c++14 to CXXFLAGS worked. Am using gcc 5.4.0 on Ubuntu 16.04. I had tried compiling with -std=c++11 but gen/synt failed with: src/synt.cc: In function ‘bool p_file(parseState&)’: src/synt.cc:66:19: error: ‘make_unique’ is not a member of ‘std’ auto sm = std::make_unique<statemachine<asm_emit>>(p); ^ src/synt.cc:66:57: error: expected primary-expression before ‘>’ token auto sm = std::make_unique<statemachine<asm_emit>>(p); ^ Makefile:125: recipe for target 'gen/synt' failed make: *** [gen/synt] Error 1 Using -std=c++14 worked like a charm. Thanks again! This is great!
  10. Hi! What versions of g++ and cc65 minimum are required to compile these? I get various errors complaining about constexpr being a C++11 keyword, etc. and compilation fails building gen/synt.
  11. Just joining the fun... 9,540 for starters.
  12. How would one do that on a C-64 emulator like VICE if the objective is to use the C-64 charset on an Atari 8-bit?
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