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  1. I played this much more on the Atari 800xl than in the arcade. First stab: 13,750
  2. This version seems to be harder than the one I played back in the day. Here are my paltry scores. First screen score: 2000 Final score: 4,640
  3. First tries. Sierra Slow: 9,435 Fast: 3,870
  4. Where can we buy that magazine so that I can start typing?
  5. Speaking as a not-so-regular HSC "competitor", the whole point is to enjoy playing the game with other Atari 8-bit fans (was gonna use owners but some of us no longer own an Atari). Whether I win or not, I look forward to playing the game(s) in the current round along with others, maybe discover some new/old games that I enjoy and maybe post my best scores now and then. Otherwise, I could go about playing games of my choice, on my own, at my own schedule, without participating in the HSC and try to have fun alone. Another thing about participating in the HSC is that you get all sorts of tips on improving your game from fellow Atari players for the game being played, and sometimes pointers to the "best available" fixes or copies of the games.
  6. Looking forward to playing more this coming season.
  7. I was thinking about this too. It makes sense to integrate FujiNet code into RespeQt... now if only I had time too.
  8. This is certainly one of the most colorful games with fast action and practically endless play. However, I'm not too good at it.
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