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  1. My deal with Ben was pure perfection. He had the item I was looking for at a nice price and he sent it out quickly, with no hassles. Life should be this easy!
  2. Anyone have a spare 2600 River Raid for sale or trade? Looking to spend about $5 or even less total 🙂
  3. a very pleasant guy who communicated exceptionally in our deal! Thanks!
  4. ok, thank you guys, great stuff!
  5. before I even start to do anything, it just feels like the space bar isn't making any contact at all with the circuitry inside underneath. From looking at the keyboard outside, it just seems like the space bar is too far away from the main block of electronics underneath and inside, so when it is pressed down it is not making any contact. (The FCTN key seems like it has more of a chance of working since I did see a quotation mark once after like every 100 strokes.) Those are the only 2 issues with it, as the rest of the keys work fine. If I unscrew the bottom and look inside, are we saying that I'd see a break/separation in the circuitry path near the space bar area? (I don't know what I am looking for since I have never done this!) In laymen's terms, the space bar and FCTN keys would look different than the other pathways? I don't see how just taking off the key caps and cleaning the connections is going to resolve this, and maybe I have to just be brave open it up? Bear in mind too that I have neither the tools nor the knowledge of soldering
  6. I learned some very interesting things in your advice to search stackpole, mylar, and the differences between them- how the early keyboards were stackpole blocks with connector switches and the later versions had that mylar sheet. Before actually venturing into opening up the keyboard, I am wondering if I maybe have the stackpole/switch version, because only 2 keys are not working, the space bar and the FCTN key.... but I was able to get a " to work by kind of pressing at a different angle/side of the key. Based on this, what would be your guess on the keyboard style?
  7. would this be ok to use instead of contact cleaner? https://www.amazon.com/CRC-05103-Electronic-Cleaner-11/dp/B000BXOGNI/ref=sxin_3_
  8. Yes, this keyboard too has not been used in quite some time, and I had the same suspicion as you did- that the most likely problem is no contact is being made. It looked like that, seemed like that... even kind of felt like that, far away. Thanks for your method, just some questions, as I am definitely not technical: key cap = ? if I don't have contact cleaner, any other substitute that can be used? the two pray-mantis hands ... = ? And imagine now... no brick and mortar Radio Shack stores either. My how the world hath changed!
  9. thanks... but now I learned of another issue... the damn space bar doesn't work either. Everything else does! Looks like I have to open her up? Is it a hard thing to fix?
  10. Does anyone know of any other way to print a " mark on the screen when entering a basic line number? My FCTN key isn't working and thus not enabling me to. Thanks
  11. Hello all. I have (1) Imagewriter II printer that I would like to share with a 2E and a 2GS. Thus there are two total printer cables, and I'm looking to connect a male adapter end to the printer with female connectors at the adapter's "Y" splitter points. (I realize that the obvious answer is simply to label the cords accordingly and switch out the cable for whichever computer will be used.) But to make life even easier... just wondering if anyone has ever seen this adapter/splitter, knows if it exists, or knows where to get it? Thanks!
  12. Hello all, I have some dupes of the following 15 games and below that is a short wish list of 4. Anyone up for a trade? 15 trading: Defender, Warlords, Pac Man, Stampede, Dodge 'Em, Missile Command, Combat, Space Invaders, Asteroids, Freeway, Laser Blast, Astroblast, Casino, Space Attack, Carnival 4 seeking: Barnstorming, Activision Ice Hockey, Activision Tennis, River Raid To be honest, all of my games haven't been tested. But I took good care of things over the years, and they worked the last time I used them some time ago... so all should be fine. Thanks
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