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  1. It is basically a universal simulation program for cellular automata, comes with predefined rulesets (like Game of Life and Wireworld, the latter rules being invented by Brian Silverman, and published for the first time with the software). Plus, it allows you to define you own "translation tables" for new rules (up to 16 different cell states are possible). I eventually got a reply from Brian directly, so this thread can be considered "solved". Nevertheless, thank you for your help! Best, Johannes
  2. What, to me until now, seems to be the most obscure about this program is that it (and the accompanying book) is cited in zillions of papers about cellular automata, but no library actually seems to have a copy of it...
  3. Hello, I am doing research for a university project involving early software for the simulation of cellular automata, and I came across various citations of Brian Silverman's software "The Phantom Fish Tank", published in 1987 through his company Logo Computer Systems Inc. in Montreal, Canada. If anyone is in possession of the Apple II game and/or the accompanying manual/book referenced as "The Phantom Fish Tank. An Ecology of Mind", I would be very interested in buying your copy. Any help in finding this title is very appreciated! Thank you, Best, Johannes
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