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  1. Nope, that's MicroUSB. I usually buy power supplies with a USB Port and use an external cable, as that can be used with anything
  2. Don't forget the cable! A cheap, thin USB cable has a higher resistance and causes a voltage loss. The higher the needed power is, the higher the voltage loss. So even 3A power supply won't help if the loss of the cable is too high. The longer and thinner the cable, the more loss. So thin and thick cables should usually work better.
  3. I've had adaptors with 1.5A which worked... and 2A ones that were so cheap they didn't. So it depends on the adaptor - if you have it already at home, it won't hurt to try it.
  4. We're trying to find a cheaper shipping service to get them to console5 right now. No worries, there a still a couple hundred left
  5. Creating a high-voltage (220V / 110V) power supply is almost impossible, as certifications and safety testings cost more than 10k EUR. That's the reason we had the USB idea - I first wanted to simply create a new power supply for the Coleco, but that's almost impossible.
  6. That would mean that we'd need two different populated PCBs with more parts, so the cost for the ColUSB would've been around 12 EUR higher.
  7. That is planned, however, for the Coleco, you would need to get that weird plug - and therefore would have to produce them yourself, which would add again to the total costs.
  8. Hopefully, it produces clean and reliable voltage. That's always a bit of a hit or miss with chinese adpators.
  9. On www.dragonbox.de, you can request a reseller account. If you just want to buy a few ones, there's already a QTY discount on our website anyways
  10. No harm done, my post was mostly aimed at christo930, who finds the price pretty high Of course you are welcome to internally mod your Coleco... though I'm not sure you will find a suitable PSU these days, as 12V, -5V and +5V is not that easy to get (unless you buy a normal PC power supply, but these won't fit and are even more expensive).
  11. Well, you're welcome to design, develop, prototype and betatest your own power supply. Then get all the certifications (costs a few thousand as well), create and produce the case, packaging and manual... and try getting it cheaper. if I sell 500, the profit is exactly 0. Selling more would make profit, but so far, I don't make any with it. The parts alone are over 14 EUR of the costs, add production and assembly on top of that... It's not cheap producing something in small QTYs. Including a power supply wouldn't make sense. It would need to have international certifications and different plugs (US, UK, AU, EU), so it would easily add 10 EUR costs. Unneeded costs if you already have USB power supplies at home (like many have).
  12. It says on the description that EACH port has 2.4A, so that should be fine.
  13. There is no "too much" when it comes to A 2A on a power supply simply means that it can provide a MAX of 2A. If a device only needs 1A, then that is fine, but if it needs 3A, it wont be enough and the voltage drops down. So yes, the higher the better. The Colecovision has graphical issues if the voltage drops below 4.7V. Thats the reason it can glitch if the power switch oxidates: it adds resistance and therefore lowers the voltage. Now, most USB power supplies provide 5V. Some even provide 5.2 or 5.3V, which is good. Why? Well, the first voltage drop is the cable. The cheaper cables have a high inner resistor (1 Ohm or higher per Meter). Which means: Voltage can drop by 0.3V already, when its running with 2A. Use a 2m cable and it already drops by 0.6V. The adaptor tries to compensate it as good as possible, but at one point the loss is too high. So, for best results: 1. The power supply should provide a stable 5V at 2A (some already drop the voltage when being used with 2A) 2. The cable should have as little inner resistor as possible. And the shorter, the better. 3. Of course, contacts and power switch of the Coleco should be clean, otherwise the voltage drops even more. If you have a bunch of cables and power supplies at home, test and mix them.You might find the best combination
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