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  1. I was fast asleep when the email came.[emoji24] #371 for me. It’s cool though. Been waiting over 3 years, I can wait another few months. Just anxious to play! Thanks SainT for all your hard work and dedication to bringing this to life. You truly are a SAINT in the retro world!
  2. Krip316

    Fixed jag

    I can. If it doesn’t power on at all, it’s a fairly easy fix.
  3. He does. You can request one here: (Read the first post.) http://atariage.com/forums/topic/250637-Lynx-Multi-Card-Preorders
  4. Easy.... read the first post.
  5. Last I heard, you have to send it to McWill to update the firmware.
  6. I’ve done countless installs and this is a first for me. From what I can see, everything looks good. Your soldering skills are on point! My guess is it’s faulty screens???? I think we need to make an appointment with Dr. McWill.....
  7. Same here on my last installation. Curious if there’s a solution??
  8. He’s jacked the prices way up. Those screens were $25. Be careful what you say to him. He’s like a volcano, if you say something that annoys him(which can be the most innocent question).... he’ll explode! I tried to order 4 Lynx mb’s and he just flipped out.
  9. For the case itself(plastic only) if it’s really dirty I give it a bath in Dawn and then use an old electric toothbrush to gently scrub the grime off.
  10. If it looks similar to this, try cutting about 2mm off the end of the flex circuit.
  11. McWill himself does them too.
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