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  1. Did anyone ever get this figured out?
  2. Just heard about the Incognito. I have an 800XL. If I understood correctly, the Incognito combines the U1MB and the Side 2. So, is there any point to him doing a version for the 800XL or am I missing something? Of course, still sad that it looks like the Side 3 is in extended limbo.
  3. Thanks for popping up for an update flashjazzcat. I wish it was better news but it at least tells us something.
  4. It is still listed on the "in development" section of his website. But, he has released a few things since this one was supposedly started. I too was waiting for the Side 3. Surely someone is friends with Lotharek and could tell us something?
  5. It's been a full year. Anyone have any news on Side3 yet?
  6. Does anyone have any news you can share on this? It's been quite a while since the announcement.
  7. Hey Kyle, just tried and it aborted. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. I go into manual dial and in the case of your site typed, "ATDT telnet://" It tries dialing and after a bit, it aborts
  8. Maybe several were down all at once coincidentally.
  9. Yes, the ATI command let me know I was connected.
  10. thanks for your help. I tried adding the ATDT to the beginning with no improvement.
  11. Hey all, I got up and running for the first time on a BBS the other day and was trying to get back on today and can't seem to connect. Since I only made it the one time I assume there must be a setting incorrect or a user error. I'm using a Wimodem232, PR connection and Bobterm. I have it set on full duplex, atascii and 9600 baud(I also tried connecting at 300 just to see). I'm going a manual dial and typing in "8bitguild.no-ip.org:130" and have tried several others with no luck. It shows dialing for a long time and then says no answer. The others all said aborted after trying a while. The modem is powered up and I ran the ATI test when I went into terminal mode and everything looks ok. Is there something obvious I am missing?
  12. I just downloaded the STL files and there was only one set. Shouldn't there be one set of plans for the regular and a different one for the OLED model? Never mind. Just found an STL reader and it looks like this set will work for the OLED. Thanks for the tip. I'm sure it will save me quite a few bucks.
  13. Yes, I was definitely planning on getting a case. I see a guy sells them for $33 shipped on eBay which sounds quite high. I just discovered my local library offer 3d Printing. That should be much cheaper. :-)
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