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  1. Hi, it looks like people used to sell the 8 bit basic on a chip but it looks like much of that has dried up. Anyone still have a source for this?
  2. Just found out that I have Rev B. So, sounds like I would be better off to download Turbo Basic or one of the other newer ones for free and I can still use any of the old Atari Basic books to learn on plus add in the Turbo Basic manual for it's extra commands and be in good shape. I like the idea of upgrading my Rom to Rev C but it doesn't look like those are for sale anywhere and the cartridge looks like it is about $20-30. Anyone have any other thoughts?
  3. Sorry, can you explain what you mean by the extensions disk?
  4. Hey all, I'm looking to do some simple basic programming on my 800XL. To start, should I make sure I have Rev C and just use the Atari basic or should I find one of the newer basics to learn on? And, with the new ones, I assume I can use the old Atari Basic books to start the learning? thanks
  5. Did anyone ever get this figured out?
  6. Just heard about the Incognito. I have an 800XL. If I understood correctly, the Incognito combines the U1MB and the Side 2. So, is there any point to him doing a version for the 800XL or am I missing something? Of course, still sad that it looks like the Side 3 is in extended limbo.
  7. Thanks for popping up for an update flashjazzcat. I wish it was better news but it at least tells us something.
  8. It is still listed on the "in development" section of his website. But, he has released a few things since this one was supposedly started. I too was waiting for the Side 3. Surely someone is friends with Lotharek and could tell us something?
  9. It's been a full year. Anyone have any news on Side3 yet?
  10. Does anyone have any news you can share on this? It's been quite a while since the announcement.
  11. Hey Kyle, just tried and it aborted. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. I go into manual dial and in the case of your site typed, "ATDT telnet://" It tries dialing and after a bit, it aborts
  12. Maybe several were down all at once coincidentally.
  13. Yes, the ATI command let me know I was connected.
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