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  1. If we are talking about actually released software I agree that the 3DO appeared better, but do you seriously think 3DO games would have looked that good if they had the level of 3rd party support that the Jaguar did? It just isn't a level playing field. I remember being very impressed when I first saw Fight for Life beta but this thread inspired me to go take another look at it and it was pretty terrible so please forget I mentioned it.
  2. Have you seen the finished Fight for Life game that was recently released? It was almost as good as Saturn's Virtua Fighter. When game makers start sticking extra chips in their cartridges, it is because the console itself is nearing it's end and the game makers are trying to max out the consoles capability. Cybermorph, IronSoldier, Superburnout and Fight for Life were done by 2nd rate developers early on in the console's life and were technically superior to the absolute best things the Genesis and SNES could produce at the end of their lives, with extra chips and the most elite game companies. Arguing that the 3DO is technically superior to the Jaguar is a legitimate (although I think probably incorrect) opinion but arguing that the Jaguar is not superior to hardware to the Genesis or SNES is not. The Jag is a legit 5th generation as even it's half assed, crappy library of games made by 3 man development teams clearly demonstrates.
  3. No way that Iron Soldier, Superburnout, Cybermorph or Fight for Life could have been done on the SNES or Genesis without an extra chip in the cartridge and perhaps even with it. When the Jaguar was released it was the best hardware on the market until the Saturn came out 2 years later.
  4. 1. Are we also assuming that Atari had more money and a robust game division ala Sega or Nintendo? Because that is the only way I could see this working out. 2. Err... I don't think better games alone would have been enough. It would need to be marketed to hard core gamers, like the 3DO was, instead of kids and there was no way for a company as small as Atari to sell consoles at a loss and survive because the absolute ceiling for Jaguar sales can't possibly be any more than 2 million, so there is no way to recoup losses from game sales. 3. I never saw the problem with the 64 bit campaign. "64 bit" was the only way to say 5th generation and more advanced hardware than SNES or Genesis. Both claims, by the way, were categorically true. I'm the first to admit that the Jaguar was the 2nd worst 5th gen console but a 5th gen console it undoubtedly was.
  5. As for the tech debate: As an (admittedly terrible) web developer, game programming stuff is way over my head. Can any of the game programmers here who've worked with both Jaguar and PS hardware offer their analysis of LeGrand's claims?
  6. Exactly. The only possible way the Jaguar could have succeeded was as a niche console with a unique library of games. Games like Cybermorph and IronSoldier. If there needed to be Virtua Fighter and Virtua Racer clones, and I think that would have really helped, then Atari need to develop them in house. If Atari didn't have the resources to develop such games than it had no business selling consoles in the first place.
  7. Honestly, I think hating on things is more fun than liking them. How anybody could say the Neo Geo was better than the Jag is beyond me. The Jaguar is obviously superior. I guess the 3DO was better than the Jaguar but the Jaguar would have been better if it had a better library. It was better hardware for less money. Also I like that it had cartridges instead of CD's. And I would like to point out that there was no 3DO "Iron Soldier". At the time there was no other home console game as cool as Iron Soldier.
  8. Like I said earlier, I am now convinced that there was no way the Jaguar could have succeeded but I still don't see the games as a big deal if Atari actually was capable of making good first party games. The Jaguar's library could have consisted mainly of games made by Atari's game division and indy games that Atari published, like Super Burnout. Iron Soldier was probably the coolest game on any home console when it came out and it was produced by some no name company. If you aren't losing money on your console sales, I don't see why you need tremendous third party support.
  9. does anybody have any idea of the unit production costs of a Jaguar console?
  10. I hate all portable gaming systems except for the gameboy which I liked as a kid but now think is stupid. I don't see mobile games as the future of gaming because mobile gaming sucks. Phones are for talking and texting, not playing shitty games on a tiny screen with no buttons.
  11. This is a little off topic, but if everybody here agrees that there was no way for the Jaguar to succeed (and now even I'm convinced) what do you think would have been Atari's best option? Some of you have suggested a sequel to the Lynx but I'm not even sure the PSP and Game Gear were profitable so I'm not sure that's the right path. Plus the Lynx was terrible. I'm not getting the love for it. Would it have been possible for Atari to just pivot to software development? Sega ended up doing the same thing less than a decade after the Jaguar was released so maybe Atari could have made it work.
  12. My family didn't have cable and I never got video game magazines.
  13. I have no memory of it whatsoever. All I remember is adds for SNES and Genesis. I remember the Saturn being a big deal a couple of years later cause you could play Virtua Fighter on it, at the time my favorite game. I also never heard of the Atari 2600 growing up nor did I know that Sega had an 8 bit system before they released the Genesis. I thought that the NES was the first non-pong home video game console ever built and I'm sure I wasn't the only one. For me, my consoles went like this: NES, Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast, PS2, Xbox360. I'll probably get a PS4 when I go back home and I assume that will be the last console I'll ever get. The end of an era.
  14. So Microsoft was willing to do something that they knew was going to lose money just to prevent the possibility that Sony would end up using gaming to dominate the non gaming electronics market? If true that would at least make sense. I could never wrap my head around the idea that Microsoft was deliberately losing money for just "prestige".
  15. Has Microsoft ever actually made any money in the console gaming business? I have been unable to find a clear answer on that. Sony did lose billions on the PS3, correct?
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