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  1. You’ve used the XC95144XL, but there’s also the XC95288XL. Pin compatible, but double macrocells. If you need a beta tester, I have a Xilinx cable and IMPACT installed. Setup: Silver TI-99/4A with F18A and NanoPEB / speech combo.
  2. Absolutely marvelous! FinalGROM 99 sounds like a perfect name. Of course I’d like one! Is it possible to preserve pin 2 PD0(RXD) from the microcontroller, to (optionally) connect it to a USB to UART converter. That way it would become possible to transfer image files from the PC or MAC to the cartridges RAM. It would be a very nice and quick tool for development!
  3. Very nice and catchy game! Especially on real iron with a good joystick. I got 516 so far. Indeed, when memorizing the appearance of the squares, you get much more points! I like!
  4. That’s even more amazing, I can’t believe the plasma demo is TMS9918 only!
  5. It seems not be that easy to summarize what has happened in 2016. Also to mention are Schmitzi’s lists and the FlashROM 99 - Image Repository. And it just keeps coming!!! @Asmusr Those F18A demos look amazing. I think you’re close to the C64 demo scene programming skills! @mizapf I had TIImageTool version 2.0.2, and I downloaded 2.4 December 2016. Great application! @Pebo and marc.hull Tex Turbo and the Big Bug Battles indeed are incredible!
  6. What an achievements in one year!!! To summarize: Hardware: FPGA projects • Pipistrello FPGA board based 64M memory extension • TMS99105 based TI-99/4A replica Cartridges • FlashROM 99 Expansions • 32k sidecar memory expansion Adapters • Joystick adapter Software: Games • Break Free • Snake Plissken • Wizard's Doom • Castle Conquer • UberGROM image for Tutankham • Rasmus' Atarisoft Compilation • Rasmus' 8 n 1 Cartridge • Nonogram • Jet Pac • Squary Demos • Super TI-99 Mario Bros • Bubbles • Parallax Starfield Applications native on TI-99/4A • RXB 2016 • Editor / Assembler IV • fbForth2.0:9 • 80 column “MENU” for F18a/v9938 • TIMXT - F18a high speed terminal emulation • S&T BBS software updates Applications on the PC for the TI-99/4A • BASIC / XB Translator (TidBit) @ sometimes99er Technically Squary is developed in 2016??? @speccery I like those hardware projects, especially injecting memory from the PC to the TI on the fly. It’s perfect for developing software!
  7. Occasionally my screen shows random graphics after starting up a game. Now I know my speech synthesizer – nanoPEB combo has a bad connection, but the first time I feared the worst.
  8. Happy new year to all of you! Mine is to get more knowledge about the TI and a few 8-bitters.
  9. Thank you guys for the warm welcome! Wow, a lot more to discover: Snake Plissken Bubbles Parallax Starfield Wizard's Doom Castle Conquer Tutankham 1MB SuperAMS Rasmus' Atarisoft Compilation Rasmus' 8 n 1 Cartridge fbForth2.0:9 @ti99iuc Well essentially all is going well, but I wish recovering would go faster. However, in February I expect to go in rehab for two months, which will speed up a lot. @Davvel Yes, I like Break Free, it’s formidabile! @PeBo Nope, I was just dreaming abaut a future, say 2016, and thinking out loud what new things could be invented. See you tomorrow 25 dec. 1981.
  10. What has happened the last year(2016)? Due to serious health problems I was absent the last year. However, after a successful lung transplant, I’m recovering slowly but surely. I’ve forgotten a lot, but have been catching up for the last few weeks by lurking here and there. What I’ve discovered are the following: Hardware: Replica TI-99/4A Pipistrello FPGA board Cartridges FlashROM 99 Expansions 32k sidecar memory expansion Adapters Joystick adapter Software: Games Break Free Demos Super TI-99 Mario Bros Applications native on TI-99/4A RXB 2016 Editor / Assembler IV Applications on the PC for the TI-99/4A BASIC / XB Translator (TidBit) I’m sure I’ve missed a few things, so please tell me!
  11. Merry Christmas And A Healthy New Year!
  12. Oops, actually this is the right link: http://www.avjd51.dsl.pipex.com/tms9995_breadboard/tms9995_breadboard.htm
  13. Thanks for those cheers my friends! Using the TMS9995 has been made possible for me by finding Stuart’s breadboard design: http://www.avjd51.dsl.pipex.com/tms99110_breadboard/tms99110_breadboard.htm
  14. LOL! Well, MARC stands for my rl first name "Marco", and as the acronym for "My Adorable Retro Computer". I hope not too long, because I'd also like to program for it.
  15. Thank you for the heartwarming comments. "fighting", yeah, that's an accurate description! I hope nobody else has left the forum in the last two months. Oh well, I'll read and see...
  16. Hello friends, After about 2 months, I turned on my TI-99/4A. Luckily it still works like a charm. I’ve been almost completely absent, and only read the sad news about Gazoo. Reason for being absent is due to my bad health. I’m suffering from a disease which causes my lungs to be working for 20%, which logically results into very little energy to do anything, including hobby. From now on I’m at home again, and I’ll sparsely try to participate here on the forum, and push some electrons through my beloved TI-99/4A. I hope to be able to: • help a forum friend to fix some jobs we’d intended; • work a little on my game SIMON; • work on MARC-3, my TMS9995 based homebrew computer. So I’ll probably be quiet, but present, most of the time.
  17. Of course I’ve known Gazoo for a short time. He made a very driven and active impression on me. This is sad and unexpected. R.I.P.
  18. I keep failing level 3, howerver, I got a top score with 9780. Come on guys, letsegettegoing!
  19. Oh, I saw this a few minutes ago. The F18A version looks sooooo beautiful!
  20. Level 1 and 2 done, but level 3 is going to give me trouble!
  21. Indeed a tough game, first I'm going to try on Classic99. Leaves room for improvement.
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