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  1. I genuinely enjoyed the regular monthly chats earlier this year. So I'm in favor of it. I imagine others might be more inclined to join a regularly scheduled chat evening if the CHATTI 'chat room' were an option.
  2. Yes, in hindsight, ordering one from you along with the board would've been easier. Still, it would be interesting to hear which Pi model others have chosen and why. I'm assuming just about any Pi v3 or higher is fine? I might be interested in tinkering with the Pi independently of the TIPI also.
  3. I received my first PEB-based TIPI this week. Looking forward to tinkering with it. I'm sure these 2 question have been asked before but I haven't yet found much in earlier msg threads: 1) Which Pi model do you all recommend for the PEB-based TIPI? 2) Which outlet or seller would you recommend buying from? It would be easy enough from me to just pick the first thing I find, but with seemingly so many variations of the Pi 3, I thought I should get some feedback first.
  4. Ksarul and I confirmed the fit of the sample TI chassis screws I received. They do fit perfectly so I finally got around to ordering a bunch last month. To make these screws easier for enthusiasts to find and access in the future, I've shipped most of them off to arcadeshopper, and he has made them available here at arcadeshopper.com.
  5. Despite the brief window I had to participate, I enjoyed meeting you and the others, as well as learning about other people's personal history with the TI and the projects they have in the works. Thanks again for organizing.
  6. I live on the northside of Chicago, just a couple of miles south of Evanston. Looking out the window now, and it seems like very meager snow by Chicago standards, although even a little snow can create transportation delays. The ground is warm enough that it probably won't stick around for long. Local hourly forecast shows it tapering off around 5-6PM Central. The good news is tomorrow's local forecast seems precipitation-free and is sunnier and well-above freezing temps after 10AM. Hope schedules move along without too much delay for everyone. Travel safely.
  7. Thank you for all of your organizing and coordinating around this event. I've been tied-up these past couple of months and absent from posting but have been watching the event updates here. I hope to get in a little time there on Friday, if nothing else to put faces with names. I'd also like to pitch in on a few things, including equipment and transportation. I'll private msg you and couple others about what I had in mind. Looking forward to it!
  8. I've been curious, too: any updates on PEB-based TIPI's?
  9. Assuming the originally scheduled time hasn't changed, it's 9PM Eastern. See you all then.
  10. So I figured out the issue I was having logging in to MYTI99.COM and found a workaround. Looking forward to tomorrow night's chat.
  11. No worries. I tried most of the pages listed under "Sample Web Sites". They all work fine, even the chat application. This gave me the idea to test several MYTI99.COM pages similarly, observing the various URL's carefully. In the process, I was able to identify the exact URL/path to the chat function, and so long as my login credentials are appended to it, it works just fine: www.myti99.com/gc2.pl?u=screen name&p=PIN In a nutshell, it looks like the host name resolution via your server is fine (thank you again for the fix), although something still isn't quite right on the MYTI99.COM server specifically related to the account login page ( www.myti99.com/account.pl?a=showLoginForm&rurl=www.myti99.com&u=screen name&p=PIN ) But it's easy enough to circumvent that issue by simply typing in the exact chat URL with login credentials, as I noted above. So I'm all set. 👍
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