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  1. Assuming the originally scheduled time hasn't changed, it's 9PM Eastern. See you all then.
  2. So I figured out the issue I was having logging in to MYTI99.COM and found a workaround. Looking forward to tomorrow night's chat.
  3. No worries. I tried most of the pages listed under "Sample Web Sites". They all work fine, even the chat application. This gave me the idea to test several MYTI99.COM pages similarly, observing the various URL's carefully. In the process, I was able to identify the exact URL/path to the chat function, and so long as my login credentials are appended to it, it works just fine: www.myti99.com/gc2.pl?u=screen name&p=PIN In a nutshell, it looks like the host name resolution via your server is fine (thank you again for the fix), although something still isn't quite right on the MYTI99.COM server specifically related to the account login page ( www.myti99.com/account.pl?a=showLoginForm&rurl=www.myti99.com&u=screen name&p=PIN ) But it's easy enough to circumvent that issue by simply typing in the exact chat URL with login credentials, as I noted above. So I'm all set. 👍
  4. Although the name resolution appears to work, I receive an error message ("HTTP error when retrieving page") when I try that URL:
  5. Thanks for the tip. I double-checked: my UDS-10 is currently set for Auto increment source port ON. So I guess that's not the issue. I should mention, too, that my UDS-10 and network equipment haven't changed at all since the time everything was working just fine back in May. So it seems likely to be either a residual issue on Stuart's server (which does the host name lookup, as I understand it) or something on the MYTI99.COM server.
  6. Thanks, Stuart. I've just tested it again. There's still an issue, although it looks like we're making progress. Here's what I'm seeing: I start the browser and type-in the URL 'www.myti99.com' - the name resolution works: I get to the MYTI99.com welcome page. Then I click 'Log In', and I get to the login page. I type-in my screen name and password, then click 'Log In', and then receive the msg 'Login Successful'. All good. But then when I click 'Continue', the banner at the bottom reads 'Resolving IP address...' for several seconds and then fails with 'Error - host name not recognised'. (Screen shot below.) I do remember reading in an earlier post that something was changed to prevent the URL from revealing the user's screen name and PIN. I suspect whatever problem we're seeing here may be a side-effect of that change. Any thoughts? Or is this something for Corey?
  7. I'm hoping to join on the 9th, also, if I can get my setup working again. It would be interesting to know if there was an alternative that was available in a pinch, although I also prefer to chat directly from the TI. That's what makes it fun. 😊
  8. Yeah, I'll reach out to Stuart because it does appear his script may have changed or been removed. I just thought I might be able to get away with inserting the IP address + path for MYTI99COM. If that's even possible, Corey would know. I'll drop him a note, too. Thanks, everyone.
  9. I realized I could have directly msg'ed Stuart or Corey about this, but thought I would post just in case someone else was in the same boat as me: I've genuinely enjoyed participating in the monthly chat on MYTI99.COM. Since I don't have a TIPI, I'm relegated to using version 9.2 of Stuart's browser along with my UDS-10 to connect to MYTI99.COM. This setup worked fine until version 9.3 of the browser debuted, at which time I was unable to log in. Thankfully, Corey was kind enough to make some adjustments on the server which fixed that issue, and everything worked fine again. Then, last month, I ran into a new issue: the browser reported 'Error - host name not recognised'. After some experimentation tonight, I see this is clearly a name resolution problem. If I try to use a URL with a host name (e.g. MYTI99.COM), I receive the above error. But if I use an URL that begins with an IP address (e.g., it works fine. (I see Stuart's website mentions: '...if using a serial port version of the browser, the browser accesses a script on a web page on the server (which hosts my site www.stuartconner.me.uk) to resolve the specified host name to its IP address.') Anyway, two questions: (1) Does anyone know the exact IP address-based URL for MYTI99.COM? (I've already tried unsuccessfully to use just the IP address: in other words, doesn't work. I'm assuming some path is also needed.) (2) Any prospects for PEB-based TIPI's anytime soon? (I'd love to join the ranks of TIPI users, but looks like new TIPI's haven't been available for some time?) Thanks in advance.
  10. Trying to get on MYTI99.com now for the monthly chat but getting 'Error - host name not recognised'. Hmmm...
  11. Good suggestion. I actually have some foil tape I've used for duct work so that may be an option, too.
  12. Sounds like a fun idea. Would be interesting to see how many fellow enthusiasts might be online at any given time. I'm sure privacy is a concern for some. So if that functionality were ever developed, presumably there would/should be an option to disable it or toggle it on/off.
  13. ElectricLab: thanks again for the assist with my MYTI99 login. Under v9.2 of the browser and my UDS, I'm able to login just fine again, and happy to say the Group Chat function stills works. Much appreciated.
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