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  1. Good suggestion. I actually have some foil tape I've used for duct work so that may be an option, too.
  2. Sounds like a fun idea. Would be interesting to see how many fellow enthusiasts might be online at any given time. I'm sure privacy is a concern for some. So if that functionality were ever developed, presumably there would/should be an option to disable it or toggle it on/off.
  3. ElectricLab: thanks again for the assist with my MYTI99 login. Under v9.2 of the browser and my UDS, I'm able to login just fine again, and happy to say the Group Chat function stills works. Much appreciated.
  4. I finally picked up a Wico Red Ball joystick on eBay. It came with the original box, and aside from a little rust on the handle, it's in near perfect condition. I used it at length a couple of weeks ago during the May monthly MYTI99.COM group chat. Very comfortable to use and worked just fine with Stuart's browser. (So much easier to navigate with it!) Thanks again, everyone, for the feedback and recommendations.
  5. I'm in the market for a TIPI-PEB, also. Good luck with the supplier search and build-out prep.
  6. Joining us tonight, FarmerPotato? We're online now.
  7. Are we on for group chat this Thursday May 9th? 9-10PM Eastern? Had such a great time last month hoping this can be a regular thing.
  8. I'm using v9.2 of the browser with a UDS-10. And even though I haven't yet tried it, I like the idea of using a trackball with Stuart's browser. That said, I'm guessing I'd prefer the feel of a joystick for various games, even though I don't play them often. With that in mind, and since my space is limited, I'm leaning toward getting the Wico ball top joystick. I'm guessing it would be the most comfortable fit for me for both the browser and most games.
  9. Thank you all for the feedback. Based on what you've told me and other reading I've done, I'm leaning toward getting the Wico ball top joystick. I notice eBay lists quite a few Wico 'The Boss' joysticks. Were these any good?
  10. I was elated to begin using Stuart's Internet Browser last month, and although I'm getting used to navigating the pointer via keyboard, I was hoping to use a joystick or trackball instead. To that end, I dug out my original Atari 2600 joystick + joystick adapter. It worked but not well at all. After seeing a few pieces of plastic fall out of the joystick's base, I'm reasonably sure it's shot. So I'm in the market for a new joystick. I know Wico was popular, and they seem to be plentiful on eBay. But I'm curious to know what everyone else genuinely likes. Ideally, I'm looking for something that's very smooth/fluid; the original Atari 2600 joystick feels like a rock! Any recommendations?
  11. Yes, it was a lot fun. Brought back some treasured memories. I'm still quite rusty with conversational typing on the console, but it seemed to get a little easier with practice. Looking forward to next time! Thanks for sharing the retro newsletter. That's quite a blast from the past. I certainly racked up some long-distance charges on more than one occasion in the 80's, much to my parents' dismay.
  12. Great idea. Thanks for suggesting it. After working through some setup issues, I was able to run Stuart's browser last night for the very first time. Very exciting to see it work. Looking forward to using it in earnest for tomorrow's chat.
  13. If you're interested, I recently came across this How To Geek article: Why Do Some Websites Block VPNs. It provides a decent explanation of why some sites are 'broken' while using VPN. In days past, I regularly used VPN to access my office network (e.g. via Cisco VPN client). Now that I'm self-employed, I occasionally use PrivateInternetAccess VPN when I'm on public wi-fi, but I'm unable to use it for a few banking websites. Needless to say, that makes VPN less useful for me.
  14. Although I've gathered bits and pieces in other posts re: the different TI keyboards, I'm grateful for this thread. Very informative. Thank you all for sharing. I picked up this Futaba keyboard on eBay about 6 weeks ago. Looks like it's never been used. I tried it it out in my 2nd console, but I think I may have damaged the ribbon cable because, after re-seating it, a few of the keys stopped registering. (I've ordered a replacement ribbon cable.)
  15. Not a system photo, I know, but couldn't resist sharing this photo of my front door: (Funny thing, I never made the connection until Tursi pointed it out recently while we were exchanging msgs about my shipping address.)
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