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  1. Likewise, I was going to join tonight around 9:30PM Eastern. These monthly chats are still on the calendar for the 9th of every month, one at 9PM Central European Time and the other at 9PM Eastern Time. But seems like interest wanes and waxes, depending on the day of the week and time of year. (Whenever I don't already have an evening commitment, I aim for the 9PM Eastern session since I'm in Chicago.)
  2. Thanks for the update and all of your hard work, Matt. A VGA-only release is fine with me, and likewise, I support whatever works best for you.
  3. Hello, All. The monthly group chat happening now if anyone else is interested in joining.
  4. I've just loaded it up and tried it. The scrolling functionality certainly is nice! Thanks, Stuart and Corey.
  5. Yes, thanks, everyone. I learned a few new things today. I was invisible & muted; lots of peripheral noise here today between a street rally and rooftop AC units. (I was outside on the rooftop deck.) Looking forward to next time.
  6. Hi, Berry. Sounds like maybe old meeting access info? Here's the info for the current call: Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85958685327?pwd=NERYV3NrVGRkT2oyS0hUQjNvbWg3dz09 Meeting ID: 859 5868 5327 Password: 049350
  7. Thank you all, both for the feedback and for taking the survey. This assuaged my remaining concerns; going forward, I indicated to my team it's benign enough to make all meeting access info available publicly, and we'll see how it goes. Given all the protective functionality available in Zoom (e.g. the Waiting Room, Mute Participants Upon Entry, the ability to Lock Meeting), I don't expect any problems with neerdowells that can't be easily/quickly resolved with a quick click.
  8. I know this isn't specifically TI-related, but in light of the recent threads for Zoom-based meetups, I thought I'd take a chance and reach out to you all for some feedback. For simplicity, I made this a survey, but feel free to share any thoughts: I work with a non-profit organization that, since March, has been scheduling its monthly public meetings via Zoom. Obviously, Zoombombing of public meetings was a widespread problem back in March. So our team made a habit of setting up meetings with a password and then waiting to share that password publicly until a few hours before the meeting. Now that things are better with Zoom (e.g. improved client, better practices), my team is suggesting that we simply post all Zoom meeting info publicly. They feel that, by holding back on the password as we are now, we risk loosing a part of our audience. I'd like to recommend a best practice to my team based on what's working well for most folks these days. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  9. Great idea. Zoom is pretty ubiquitous these days so good choice. Unfortunately, I can't make it since I have another commitment at that time, but if it all goes well, maybe another Zoom meetup can be set up sometime? Have fun!
  10. I regret I wasn't able to make it last night. Hopefully next month.
  11. Yes, I should have clarified: I'm familiar with telnet connectivity to BBS's, and I've been using TIPI + telnet. (And before that a UDS-10 with TIMXT.) The WiModem232 is an interesting device, although I don't own one. I've had a little (very little) success using my original 300baud VolksModem plus a VOIP phone line. I was considering picking up a faster, more reliable dialup modem, again, just for fun and the nostalgia factor. Anyway, I know this is all bit off the topic of WiModem232. On a related note, curious to know which terminal emulator you recommend for use with TIPI when connecting to your BBS. MyTerm?
  12. Likewise, I've enjoyed the nostalgia factor of TI BBS's, and I've been toying with the idea of getting a used modem and experimenting again. So this is useful info. Thanks for sharing, Beery.
  13. Done: two Google Calendar items created, starting with the June 9th, 2020 chat: One for the first chat at 9PM Central European Time: https://calendar.google.com/event?action=TEMPLATE&tmeid=NWRuc2ozZzIwMTRsa29iNDd2azg5NTNvZGNfMjAyMDA2MDlUMTkwMDAwWiBqNDM1bG1wYmRkbTVqdTlpY2VxbnUycmx0Y0Bn&tmsrc=j435lmpbddm5ju9iceqnu2rltc%40group.calendar.google.com&scp=ALL One for the second chat at 9PM Eastern Time: https://calendar.google.com/event?action=TEMPLATE&tmeid=NDdiYmpxZTFwc21tYTVyNTgybzgzZG9rN3FfMjAyMDA2MTBUMDEwMDAwWiBqNDM1bG1wYmRkbTVqdTlpY2VxbnUycmx0Y0Bn&tmsrc=j435lmpbddm5ju9iceqnu2rltc%40group.calendar.google.com&scp=ALL
  14. Sorry to hear about the issues, and glad you're up and running again. It was an enjoyable chat last night. Thank you for coordinating and providing the reminders. Hopefully everyone can join in again next month.
  15. Yes. But I'm unsure if anyone other than AtariAge sysadmins/moderators have the option to add events to it. I'm also not sure if the calendar actually provides much by way of reminders. There's a very old thread here that speaks briefly to the calendar functionality: This is the calendar itself: https://atariage.com/forums/calendar/# It's accessible from the top menu bar, under 'Apps':
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