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  1. I too am having problems with my coaxial cables. atari output was fine until I bought a Colecovision recently. Every time I change cable it cuts out and nothing works until I turn everything off and back on, then tune it in again. I remember I used to plug the end of the atari cable into the analogue socket on the master system rf cable and that used to work on my old tv. Not anymore. Do you think a coaxial splitter will fix this? Thanks
  2. Atari Video Computer System (CX-2600: PAL) S/N: 032261 U Sunnyvale C012782 U REV. B Speaker slits. Gap at the bottom for A-B channel select but no switch. Light Sixer. Because it's not all about the weight, it's what you do with it that counts, am I right, guys? And my Atari gets a lot of action!
  3. Thanks, Mr NEC! "Dims" are new to me (that's why I ke[t getting the black screen) but I got it to work with this code, I put it under player1's sprite if it helps anyone... PS I realise I could tidy this up a bit as I have two 'if dir=8's, but it's a start. Yeah, I checked with Random Terrain's Basic page and REFP's are write-only. (Edited code to reach safety zones, 20 and 120) And thanks, Papa. Your way looks way more sophisticated, I could definitely do with more 'subs' in my work!
  4. Thanks! I'll have a look at it soon. :-)
  5. Hi guys, I've been searching everywhere for this one, I know it will be a popular code. I'm making my first game and simply want an enemy to pace left and right at the top of the screen. I'm new to batari, but whenever I've used Spectrum Basic, I've literally changed the graphic once it reaches the appropriate edge of the screen, ie, leftfacing becomes rightfacing, and somewhere I'll put in 'if leftfacing then x=x-1' etc. I tried to do the same in batari with 'if REFP1=8 then player1x=player1x-1' and changing REFP1 numbers when it reaches a point near the screen edge but this isn't working, neither is doing stuff like assigning a direction value to read whether the character's facing left (if dir=8...) or right (if dir=0...) and going 'if dir=0 then REFP1=0: player1x=player1x+1. I'm sure there'll be something obvious and simpler than what I'm doing but I think I'm close to finishing my first game and this is driving me crazy! Thanks for any help anyone can offer. This seems like a great community!
  6. Hey guys, I'm sorry if my question's been touched on before, I did look through the threads here and couldn't find anything that matched my question so here goes... I'm pretty psyched about rom testing on my Atari. Somewhere Random Terrain mentioned that you can test whilst the Harmony cart's plugged into the 2600 and PC at the same time via USB. So I download my bin image using the 'Develeopment' tab on the Harmony Programming Tool and feed it to my cart like you do with the bios? If so, how do I get the ARM directory? The menu says I'll lose the multicart capabilities whilst in this mode. Is that only until I turn off the console/unplug the USB? I'm scared of breaking my shiny new cart or my 2600 but on-the-fly-testing sounds very cool and convenient! Cheers, Doki!
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