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  1. Yes this is upsetting. I have been on-topic from first post to last. I am a social-engineer programmer…… data…… data, who just played the victim card. Carry on soldiers.
  2. Guys I want Joust on my Jaguar CD add-on C.I.B.!! Now!! Make it happen (clap my hands like a king to his court).
  3. 1000 hours for me an free p&p, thanks my dear friend. See you in a month. Miss you, tihi! Many hugggs n kisssess, buddyss 4ever
  4. PS and oh, I never used the name Cyrano or thief, neither together nor apart. That is your point only, but he didnt create the game Bubble Bobble, so, did someone steal it and face it to him? My post was based on not having the facts, why I askes OP why it was so upsetting, and he have me a satisfying answer.DS
  5. Read it 100 times and let it sink in. See you have changed your point of view, good, now using your second plan. Why not read the total thread since you act like a Child walking into the middle of a movie (Big Lebowski) trying to understand what is going on. let me reverse that question. Why do you Ask me this question? now i need to go to bed soon. So see y’all in tha mornin’
  6. Que?? it says ”him” (whom ever that is ), not ”I” you stupid angry man.
  7. There is alot of Autism going around in lots of arguments here… hm…
  8. It’s shipping from France - I live in Sweden, is it my gangmember or are you just plain stupid? Wishful thinking is not true even if you wish it baaad.
  9. Repeat that until you believe it. Another question that Might be upsetting and, sorry, kinda off topic is: did these lyrics really happen? No, that’s bad! Isn’t it?
  10. I do not own any pirate items, will never do, do not sell and will never do. It was only a reply on the topic ”this is upsetting” - do I need to grab you by the ears and scream it in your face?
  11. No this guy thought I didn’t exist, this has nothing to do with you on any level.
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