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  1. Hi all, As I am relocating to California this summer, some items from my collection will have to find a new owner... The last item on this list is a Sega Dreamcast store display unit. It does not contain the original system nor the TV set - but it is in a pretty good shape. If you want it - it is yours for a nominal fee of $0... All what you need to do is to come and pick it up from Ocean Twp., NJ (07712). The first to send me a PM will become the new owner. Now, there is only one condition that the new owner has to agree to: This item cannot be sold on at any time. If, for whatever reason, its owner has to find a new home for it, it should be passed on for free... By sending me a PM you actually agree to this term! Ronen.
  2. In an effort to figure out how the Bank-Switching of this game works, I have implemented it on one of the MaxiCarts I made. I did not get too far with it, but was able to play at least the first level on the real system... A couple of screenshots are available here: http://www.vgwiz.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=71 I did not have too much time to spend on it and made no further progress than what I described. OG.
  3. Yes. And I'm new to the 5200. Am I to do something special here? Hi, You may want to check the following post about a pitfall, Atari 5200 and what can be done about it: http://www.atariage.com/forums/viewtopic.p...ghlight=pitfall Hope it helps, Ronen.
  4. I Played it last night on the MaxiCart. Plays great! Nice game. Ronen.
  5. Bruce, The intention is to complete a Linux version as well. I started porting the software using QtDesign Kit. The required USB drivers are available as well. It may take a while though before we can have a full blown running software. BTW: If you know a Linux C++ programmer that could assist in this task, please let me know. In any case, the hardware will stay the same, regardless to the operating system someone uses. jetset, It really depends on the computer you are using and the size of the game. From our experiments, on a 677MHz P3 PC, it took about 20-25 seconds to complete a download of a 32KB game. This time may vary if other PC applications are running in the background. Please note that while downloading, the software also verifies the content of the Flash - so there is no need to do a verify MaxiCart rightafter. Also note that the more 0xFF are in the code - the faster the download time is (less on-the-fly verification is required). Therefor, the total download time is also "game" dependent. Ronen.
  6. Bank switching is not supported in this product. Therefore, games like BBSB are not supported on this cartridge. Basically, any game that you could burn into an EPROM (up to 32KB) and use the standard 32KB PCB currently available for homebrew developpers, should work on the MaxiCart as well. For example, games like "Koffi" or "Castle Blast" work fine on this cartrdige. We have tested a bunch of games and had no issue playing them on our console. If there is a specific game you may be interested in, please let me know, I'll test it on the MaxiCart and report the result. Hope that answers your questions, OG.
  7. We are happy to announce that the development of the Atari 5200 MaxiCart is complete. The first production run is under way and we expect to offer it for sale through our web site in the next few weeks. The MaxiCart is a special Atari 5200 cartridge that allows gamers as well as game developers to download game files using a USB port into an on-board ROM using loader software installed on a PC. Once, the game file is transferred to the MaxiCart, the game can be played on any Atari 5200 console just as any other Atari 5200 game. The cartridge will retain the game until a different one is loaded. The MaxiCart can be loaded from any MicrosoftTM Windows PC, it includes the game loader software with a graphical user interface and a USB cable. For more information about the MaxiCart check our web site at: http://www.vgwiz.com OG.
  8. OldGuru

    Koffi archives

    Cafeman, Thanks for taking the time to put this page together. Pretty interesting, OG.
  9. It's always a pleasure. Thanks, OG.
  10. Correct... If you have a 5200 development board, I could burn an EPROM for you with PC4 code... PM me if you want. OG.
  11. Well, in the PC4 version, you can. To do that, at the opening screen type *#* and the level number (1-6). When typing in that "code" you'll see ### showing up on the left upper corner of the screen. At this point, start the game as usual. Note, that every time you get through the opening screen, you'll have to repeat that process to play a higher level than 1. As far as the easer egg is concerned, here is a huge hint: It cannot be found in level 1... OG.
  12. Cafeman wrote: Yes... going through the process of writing my own game brought me to the idea of helping others who want to write theirs... Stay tuned for some more news soon... Thanks. Brian R. wrote: Yes it should run on VSS. OG.
  13. Hi all, Castle Blast's Phillyclassic 4 edition BIN file can be obtained here: http://www.vgwiz.com/HomebrewGames.html . Enjoy, OG.
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