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  1. I received my pre ordered Galaga just over a week ago, no damage from shipping, it went together great. The joystick and fire button are not as responsive as my multicade with the Arcade SD but overall its good. A few days later I picked up Asteroids at a retail store, no damage but did have some holes that did not match up with the monitor brackets, not a big deal. I bought it for Asteroids and so far its been great. I cannot comment on the spinner as I havent played the spinner games much at all. Today I received PAC MAN, this was shipped to my house like Galaga, one small ding in the left side panel but it went together very well. I have only played a few games on it so far but seems ok. I have control panel protectors on order from Arcade 1up for Galaga and Asteroids, not sure if they have one for PAC MAN. I am amazed that there isnt more damage due to the way they are packed. As far as overall longevity only time will tell. I hope to get a lot of playtime on them over the holidays, if I have any issues I will report back.
  2. TAV

    Stained Glass 2600

    That Pac Man lamp is awesome!
  3. SignGuy hooked me up with a great NES system, super fast shipping too! Thanks!
  4. Picked this up this past weekend, I had never owned an Intellivision so thought i'd give it a shot...
  5. It took me a while to come up with a solution for my 5200 carts but I like the way it turned out, I can see the labels and has easy access to the carts.
  6. This is what I came up with for my Atariss
  7. Very cool, love the Defender!
  8. Have you tried http://thearcadeboneyard.com/cocktail_table_parts/cocktail_table_hardware.phpI see they have 1 clips, if they have these maybe they can get you what you need off an old machine? Good luck!
  9. I use the old music mate storage holders for my 2600 and 7800 carts.
  10. Out of curiousity I called the company to see if they had any other dimensional data, I am curious on the width and depth, they did not have or could not provide at this time. I was told they are projected to go on sale September 28th. Not sure why but the Asteroids Deluxe has my interest, I think its due to the button layout that I was used to back in the day. If anything its very cool to see these type of items coming out.
  11. Its been awhile but I had bought monitors from Holland Computers for two multicades and I am happy with them, they are easy to mount and the picture is nice..... http://www.hollandcomputers.com/store/pc/19-Inch-Arcade-Game-LED-Monitor-Jamma-monitor-MAME-and-Cocktail-game-cabinets-2510p6003.htm
  12. Very cool, its funny how daddys toys are so much fun for the little ones!
  13. I did not receive any shipping notification or correspondence it just showed up late last week. I hope yours shows up soon.
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