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  1. Are you still looking for this? I think I have a loose cart but will need to double check if you are still interested. Troy
  2. Starting to thin out some of my collection, any interest in these?
  3. Anyone interested in these DVD’s?
  4. I think I have one in storage but will have to confirm, do you want the game to?
  5. Is this the one that works with Mogul Magic for the 2600?
  6. Any idea who the manufacture was on these?
  7. Cool collection, what Pinball Machine is that?
  8. Have you guys seen many of the three tier metal shelf units?
  9. Are you looking for anything in particular? I need to go through some of my 80’s stuff and thin it out.
  10. I received my pre ordered Galaga just over a week ago, no damage from shipping, it went together great. The joystick and fire button are not as responsive as my multicade with the Arcade SD but overall its good. A few days later I picked up Asteroids at a retail store, no damage but did have some holes that did not match up with the monitor brackets, not a big deal. I bought it for Asteroids and so far its been great. I cannot comment on the spinner as I havent played the spinner games much at all. Today I received PAC MAN, this was shipped to my house like Galaga, one small ding in the left side panel but it went together very well. I have only played a few games on it so far but seems ok. I have control panel protectors on order from Arcade 1up for Galaga and Asteroids, not sure if they have one for PAC MAN. I am amazed that there isnt more damage due to the way they are packed. As far as overall longevity only time will tell. I hope to get a lot of playtime on them over the holidays, if I have any issues I will report back.
  11. TAV

    Stained Glass 2600

    That Pac Man lamp is awesome!
  12. SignGuy hooked me up with a great NES system, super fast shipping too! Thanks!
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