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  1. And then if you want to stretch it out further, there are always things like Richard Scarry, Family Feud, etc, but that might be taking it too far… That’s all I’ve got.
  2. And then Cabbage Patch Kids, while not based on any of the three things in the subject, did also have cartoons based on the property.
  3. Does Chuck Norris tie in somehow? It’s based on an actor but not a specific film.
  4. Why don't you just send @Byte Knight a message?
  5. This discussion needs to stop. Guys, figure it out over PM. Not here.
  6. I've had consoles modded by @Ruggers Customs and they were always great when it came to communication as to when my console would ship back to me. Nothing but high recommendations from me. While I get that maybe people can be busy and delays can happen, please cut everyone some slack and lets be thankful there are still people willing to work on 40 year old consoles bringing them up to modern standards.
  7. Amazing! Thank you! I have posted about this in the ColecoVision Lunatics, CollectorVision Phoenix, and AtariAge Facebook groups!
  8. I actually only have loose carts outside of homebrews. So I'll take whatever you can spare!
  9. If anyone backs out I could really use this as I don't have many INTV boxes at all!
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