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  1. Also, CVAddict still has a very up to date list of all the homebrews and the ROMs for them that have been released: https://cvaddict.com/list.php?filter=3
  2. I'm okay with either options. Got my copy of Bomb N Blast 2 the other day and it's great! Thank you guys!
  3. Now **THIS** is an example of the kind of thing this community NEEDS!!! WELL DONE!!!
  4. I’m so done with you and your attitude. Thread closed.
  5. At this point now you are just grabbing things out of context to wrap your own narrative around them. I’m going to issue one more warning to everyone in this thread. If the bickering back and forth doesn’t stop, this thread will be closed. If you want to create a new or cloned piece of hardware for the community, do it without the dramatics. We’ve had enough drama over the years and it will end right now. Understood?
  6. I was in the EXACT same position you were in about 5 years ago. And I went through the same thing. Personally if there is one thing I think this community could really use is for the homebrewers to reset the clock on some of these out of print games and do a 2nd run of them. "There has got to be more people like me out there..." is 100% my thoughts exactly. New ColecoVision fans seem to be joining the community all the time. Just look at the new subscribers to our ColecoVision Lunatics Facebook group every week! There is such a variety of things this community could use to increase the abilities of the ColecoVision. We already have many SGM options. I really hope he chooses to focus on something new and different.
  7. Myself included! I have said this before and I’ll say it again, had the crash not happened, I think we would have seen Coleco as well as other 3rd party companies porting those MSX games in the 80s. We already were starting to see examples of it with games like Antarctic Adventure, Monkey Academy, abs and Cabbage Patch Kids. So in a way, the homebewers porting MSX games, many of them receiving upgrades, and putting them into high quality packaging reminiscent of the 80s games is just continuing what Coleco would have done anyway. And isn’t that one of the points of home brewing for a retro 80s console?
  8. To further a more productive discussion, and something that I feel the community could actually use, we have been talking about a "Drop-in, replacement PCB" for the original hardware for YEARS now and no one has ever made one. I personally would love that. I have a handful of consoles that could use some new life breathed into them. A few people have started this project but nothing ever happened with it. That would be my suggestion if you want to consider making hardware for this community.
  9. I'll take one as well.
  10. As I said. I’m not here to argue. I’m here to keep it clean. So please make my job easy and keep it clean. Fair enough?
  11. You snarkly quoted my suggestion on how it should have been approached. You know damn well that’s what you were doing. Once again I will remind you and everyone else in this thread: Keep the discussion civil. Keep it positive. This community has had too much drama over the years. I’m not here to argue or make enemies. I’m here to moderate drama out of the thread. Don’t test me or push my buttons. Got it? That goes for everyone.
  12. Don’t f with me. It won’t end well for you. I’m a moderator here, not your enemy. Got it?
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