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  1. There is simply not enough discussion to warrant having yet another discussion forum about it. There is already a ColecoVision development/programming sub-forum and that should suffice just fine for ADAM as well.
  2. I've seen a few silent auctions do well on the forums. Where you list an item with a starting bid and tell people to PM you their highest possible bid. And highest bid gets it. That's a simple way to do it, and you can at least list it at a price you're willing to let it go for, and then if it gets a higher amount, that's always a good thing, too!
  3. TPR

    Space Venture

    I thoroughly enjoyed playing that! What a fun graphical hack and I loved that almost every bit of artwork in the game was changed. I didn't even mind that the music wasn't changed. I would love to see you revisit this again in the future and if you did, consider making some different shapes for the rooms? I believe there were some nice hacks for the Atari 2600 version of Venture that re-shaped the rooms and that was a nice touch since it made the overall gameplay feel new. Thanks for all the hard work on this! Really nice addition to the homebrew rom collection!
  4. Just posted this in the Marketplace... http://atariage.com/forums/topic/291255-2-dead-ti-994a-computers-w-boxes-make-an-offer/ I don't know how to fix them so I'm hoping they may be worth something to someone who wants to make a project out of them to get two dead TI's working! Thank you!
  5. So looks like I have two dead TI-99 4A computers. Both of them are the white models and cosmetically are in very good condition. I have boxes for both of them, one of them is in the white computer box, the other is in the silver computer box. One of them powers up to a blue screen, the other has a black screen and a solid "tone" that you can hear. So they both are at least getting power. I don't know how to fix them and I'll pretty much take almost any "reasonable" offer plus shipping from Orlando, FL. (Please give me at least SOMETHING plus shipping!) Take a look at the photos below and message me if you're interested! Computers and boxes only. No other cables, power supplies, etc, would be included. Thank you! TI w/ blue screen: TI w/ black screen:
  6. I just picked up your Aladdin cart. Being that I produced that game when I worked for Virgin and I never even knew that version existed! One more to add to my collection of games that I worked on in my past career!
  7. I didn't mean to "collect" I mean to "flip." We see it so much in the homebrew community. You'll have a certain number of people buying up limited homebrew releases specifically to flip on eBay to sell to those who missed the deadline or didn't have the funds at that time. I've seen ColecoVision releases go for hundreds of dollars and the original homebrewer doesn't get to see a penny of that for all their hard work. It's unfortunate and there's nothing really anyone can do about it since once a homebrewer stop producing copies it then just becomes a sellers market to the one with the deepest pockets. And IMO, it's one thing if you bought a copy to legit play, and then later down the road you're not into said console or computer as much and you decide to sell off your collection, but those who buy specifically for flipping just frustrate me, that's all...
  8. I really hope people aren't just sitting on these, un-opened and un-played, in the hopes that they will be able to eventually flip them on eBay for a high price. A homebrew game like this is meant to played and appreciated! It always frustrates me to see the people who have bought a copy of a limited release just to sit on it as it deprives someone else who actually wanted to PLAY the game...
  9. I can ship you my cart or I could try it on my Phoenix assuming I have the latest version. (of the PHX, that is)
  10. Thanks for the update! Always a pleasure to read these!
  11. I agree with this 100%. The way I see it, I feel like more people who didn't grow up with the system may get "introduced" to the ColecoVision via an emulation console like a Raspberry Pi and then maybe a small percentage of those people would go "Damn, this is a REALLY FUN unique system! I need to get more involved" and then look into purchasing a Phoenix. I feel like since some of these newer, cheaper all-in-one options have become more readily available over the past few years we've most certainly seen an uptick in people interested in ColecoVision that may have never even heard of it before, haven't we?
  12. What a fun project! I always likes this game on the C64!
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