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  1. There are many of the SGM ROMs that have been released that you can play via the AtariMax SD Cart. I would check www.cvaddict.com for those ROMs or also the CollectorVision Rom Vault. CollectorVision is also making available some back catalog games for a limited time. And I would also make sure you are on Opcode's email newsletter for upcoming game releases.
  2. The FB group “Vectrex Fans Unite” seems to be where most of the Vectrex action is happening now...
  3. Yes, it's been released. You can buy it on Sean Kelly's Vectrex Store: http://www.vectrexmulti.com/order2.html
  4. I gotta be honest here... I think a book telling the story about what happened is a very interesting idea and something I would enjoy... However I'm not sure I need a 600-page digital recap of that. I can hardly get through 475 pages of this thread! 😂
  5. And that’s exactly where I will put it! 😜
  6. That looks like a lot of fun!
  7. It's an obscure game for sure! There was even a "Fantasy-inspired" port on the ColecoVision called "Search for the Crown Jewels."
  8. Am I too late? Can I order one? Also, I gave you edit privileges so you can now edit the first post in this topic.
  9. Also, CVAddict still has a very up to date list of all the homebrews and the ROMs for them that have been released: https://cvaddict.com/list.php?filter=3
  10. I'm okay with either options. Got my copy of Bomb N Blast 2 the other day and it's great! Thank you guys!
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