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  1. Ordered! FYI - website is: https://8bitmilligames.com/
  2. The Fatman did an amazing job on the music. I know at one point Trilobyte sent us a whole bunch of CDs full of music tracks he had written that were never used, and I could kick myself for all those things that I never thought about taking with me, or archiving in any way when I left a company.
  3. Well, as one of the producers of The 7th Guest... I had to vote yes!
  4. Wow! That's fantastic! That game is really fun!
  5. Yes, please! I'm also going to send you some extra € for more stickers now!
  6. I've shared the Kickstarted campaign once again on all my retro gaming socials!
  7. This does not look like a real TeleGames Meteoric Shower to me. That guy's Kung Fu Superkicks also looks like a fake. But he's claiming he bought them directly from TeleGames. Or were these eColeco releases? Anyone know for sure? @NIAD @Ikrananka ? https://www.ebay.com/itm/304067996856
  8. ATTENTION Programmers & Hackers! "Two Button Mouse Trap" Hack Request! A version where ALL DOORS are on button 1 and "Dog" is on button 2. Why has this never been done before? *And I know this makes it so you can't (or makes it more difficult to) "trap" the cats, but still I think this would be a very useful hack as an option.
  9. Always enjoy getting an update from you! 👍
  10. You can label it however you want, but IMO you could have reached the same conclusion without calling out those other people or including their clips of "misinformation" in your video. To me you just came off like you wanted to purposely put those other people down to even further justify how "right" you were. You called them out. Period. As a content creator myself, I'd be pretty annoyed if someone else included a clip in some roller coaster video of me saying something and then bragging about how wrong I was and how right they were with the information. It just comes off as petty and obnoxious. Maybe you don't think that's how you came off, but that's how it appeared **to me.** As I said, I actually thought the video was very well done and it's a shame you felt the need to include that part. But I'm just one voice (however it seems not the only person who felt this way) and perhaps we are in the minority and our thoughts and musing really just don't matter.
  11. Yep. It's just my opinion. It turned me off from your videos. Just being honest. You didn't get a sub out of me. But I'm just one person so hopefully that won't matter too much in the grand scheme of things.
  12. I thought the video was pretty well done, but I have to be honest, I actually stopped watching after the part where they "called out" the other YouTubers. I get the part about debunking a myth, and I for one appreciated that completely, but there was really no reason to call out those other content creators as I'm sure they weren't spreading that information on purpose, and including those clips didn't actually add anything to the video other than making the creator look kind of obnoxious. If I was one of those other content creators that had their footage used (I'm assuming) without permission in this video, I would consider giving a copyright strike to take that down or have the guy re-edit the video without those clips. It's a shame, because I actually really liked the video up until that part.
  13. I do like the font that has been used for the score, etc. Very "arcade like" of that era.
  14. Where do those stats come from? I agree with this! IMO, "rare" is based on how much of an item was made available versus how many people that do not have that item and also want it. The fact that 155 are out there, and are STILL out there, and will probably be out there as long as there is a TI-99 4/A community, I'm not sure it's even as rare as some Vectrex or ColecoVision games I've seen produced. At least based on if those stats are accurate.
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