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  1. How do we know you're not already a robot or a clone trying to cover up what has already transpired? 🤔
  2. I would like to think that people like Albert and myself are still quite "young" by average age standards. Maybe a little past "middle aged." I'm going to assume that the length of time needed to worry about such things would be similar in length to the time that AtariAge has already been around. Not something that probably needs any lengthy discussion... certainly not in a topic about ads (or tacos) on AtariAge.
  3. This is the weirdest sentence I have ever read on AtariAge.
  4. Then buy a subscription or use an ad blocker. I feel like I'm in an echo chamber...
  5. 100% agreed! Either ad blockers or subscriptions. Here's one more thing I'm sure people don't realize, and I have learned this from my own experience on my website and my forums... The "regulars" here are, as you said, most likely are using ad blockers or have a subscription so those ads don't really apply to them anyway. BUT... and this is VERY IMPORTANT... If you do a Google Search for "Atari... <insert just about anything here>", AtariAge is almost always one of the top search results. I'd be willing to bet that Albert has a TON of "random, non-regular Google Visitor page views" from people who may be finding AtariAge for the very first time, or just doing a search for something, have no interest in being a subscriber or an AtariAge Store customer, but are here because of the large volume of information offered on this site. Those people probably make up a HUGE amount of page view for Al (as I can tell you they do for me, and this site is a much MUCH larger site than mine) and I have to be honest, when you are working your butt off ~24/7 (And I can tell you from the conversations I have late in the wee hours with Al, he's working CRAZY HOURS), and server fees are not cheap, those "Google Visitors" not seeing ads is just a website operator leaving money on the table, and I personally would like to see AtariAge make as much as possible, because the other thing I know about Al, is that he puts a lot of that money RIGHT BACK INTO this page. Anyone who thinks that "Ads on AtariAge" is going to hurt AtariAge in any way, IMHO, is very mistaken and will probably be very pleasantly surprised at how much the revenue generated from those ads will HELP the site. And if you're worried, just turn on your ad blocker... Al's not going to care if you turn it on or not, because there are going to be plenty of other "Google Visitors" who will make up for them. (Even if some of those Google page viewers are also using blockers!) tl:dr - Ads on AtariAge aren't going to impact you very much at all. Cut Al some slack. Thanks.
  6. Initial post means exactly what the initial post means. Why would you bring some other site that isn't AtariAge into this or make an assumption that AtariAge is "desperate???" Do you not trust Al? You could point to a million other examples until you turn blue in the face, run out of air, and are dead on the ground. But why would you do that? Al specifically said the ads would not be obnoxious. Why would you challenge that and not just simply say "thank you" for him thinking about how to best balance both our online experience and placing Ads on AtariAge? Just sounds like you're going out of your way to create an argument or a concern that doesn't really exist.
  7. Al politely asks you not to go down that road yet you continue to go down that road...
  8. I wonder how many people actually READ Al's initial post. So many people seem to be having "concerns" that he has already addressed. 🤔
  9. I think what some people may not quite understand is that suggestion actually creates MORE WORK for Al. Going with a 3rd party ad agency means that all you have to take care of as a webmaster is placing the code on your site. That's it! They take care of everything else, which is really the core of the work load. If he were to do what you are all suggesting then he also have to play "Advertising Manager" for AtariAge which tasks include, but are not limited to: seeking out potential advertisers, negotiations & contracts with potential advertisers, filling slots for ad campaigns, swapping out artwork and code for different advertisers, having to create some sort of "reporting system" so his advertisers can see that it was money well spent, and then probably having to do these tasks, and many others EVERY MONTH because most sites work on a month-to-month basis with advertisers. Some sites around the size of AtariAge actually have someone who is tasked with this job because it can be a full-time position just having to contact hundreds of potential advertisers to fill those advertisement slots. Self-publishing ads on your own site is actually a HUGE HUGE undertaking. And based on what Al has already said, I highly doubt he has the bandwidth to do it on his own, and he probably doesn't want to pay someone else to do it because then that would almost negate the point of having ads in the first place. I just wanted to throw that knowledge out there based on my own personal experience with web advertising. Hope that gives some insight!
  10. I clicked and stared at the photo for at least a minute or two...
  11. Yeah, personally, if your goal is to sell this as still "new in box" which I *guess* it still is, if you unwrap everything and test it, then that might decrease what you would get because then all that wrapper would no longer be "unopened." But if it turns out that those items HAVE actually been opened and re-wrapped, then it might be worth testing out? I'm not sure. I'm also not sure how much actual value having the original plastic wrap untouched around that stuff really gets you, unless you found a buyer that doesn't want to actually USE the system, and just wants as pristine of a "new" system as possible for a collection.
  12. I'm 100% in support of this. As someone who runs a fairly popular website who was originally against ads because, like many people here thought "who actually clicks on those???" it is absolutely STAGGERING the amount of people who do click on them and the money that I was originally leaving on the table 100% pays for all of my hosting costs and the time being put into the site. It took my focus from going "Is this something I want to keep doing?" to "How can i do more to offer new features to our followers?" Advertising is nothing new, and while there are most certainly different levels of annoyance with it, I have faith that Al will make our experience the best possible balance between helping out AtariAge and not making the ads feel intrusive. Add +1 for the support wagon.
  13. Fantastic news! Thank you for continuing to keep the ColecoVision alive!
  14. Think.... "airport codes" 😜
  15. I would most certainly think a version of Gorf that took the original ColecoVision version of the game, but added in Galaxians in the same style as the rest of the game would be a neat project to see someone bring to life!
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