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  1. Personally, I wouldn't waste any more time worrying. I think people are making a bigger deal out of this than it really is because... that seems to be what people like to do. But from everything I've read... 1. This issue has affected VERY FEW people. 2. The developers are aware and are on it. 3. The console "plugs n plays" JUST FINE on all six different TVs in my house ranging from a 70" 4K HD set to a CRT being run through an HDMI > AV converter. I think everyone on the Phoenix team has responded back basically saying "don't worry, we're on it" to fix the issue only affecting a handful of people and how much more reassurance do you need?
  2. I'm pretty sure the developers will have a solution. I wouldn't worry about it too much...
  3. Now that the Phoenix is shipping, and the pre-order period has been long over, let's lock this thread since we already have an official "CollectorVision Phoenix" thread in the CollectorVision forum. Please direct any questions or comments here: Official CollectorVision Phoenix Thread Thank You!
  4. That's fantastic! Mine came in while I was away on vacation and it is great! Thank you!
  5. I know it wasn't... but I get much enjoyment out of bothering him, so.... 🤣
  6. I happen to own the only copy of ColecoVision Shovel Knight ever made! Oh, who am I kidding! I wish! I made a fake cart of it for Yacht Club as a joke one year at PAX. Short version of the story: The Shovel Knight team is who I used to work with a few years ago at WayForward developing games for the Nintendo DS, Wii, XBOX 360 and others so I was always a huge supporter of theirs when we all left WayForward to start our own independent projects and I know Sean is also a huge fan of retro games! But how funny would it be if my "fake cart" from a few years ago ended up being an element of foreshadowing of a future real ColecoVision release? 🤔
  7. Thanks Luc! I can always depend on you to give me the updates! Much appreciated! Also, I just messaged Albert with a link to this post!
  8. I have updated the project tracker as best I could. Here is the info that I'm looking for. Please respond below.... - Any NEW games that have been announced and are not on the "In Development" list - Any updates that are more recent than what is posted on the project. - Any NEW hardware that has been announced and is not on the "In Development" list.
  9. Yep. It's the unfortunate truth. Going all the way back to the original Kickstarter there were some people who just wanted to see this fail for whatever their own personal agenda was. Even when we were demoing with REAL hardware showing off an actual REAL unit, the naysayers, trolls and haters were out in full force. But that didn't stop the team, and I give you guys HUGE PROPS for that. And look where you're at now? A fully functioning released game console that looks and plays FANTASTIC, sold out first run of nearly 500 units, and already on to the second run. The success has just been proven. The best part about all of this? The haters aren't being forced to buy it. They can just sit there and be angry while the rest of us play ColecoVision! 🤣👍 GREAT JOB PHOENIX TEAM!!!
  10. You can probably contact @coleco_master and ask if he can get you the parts needed to turn it from a loose cart to a boxed version...
  11. There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between "debating or complaining" and making completely irrational and factually incorrect statements in an effort to disparage something simply because it doesn't comply with your personal preferences. And the obnoxious comment about "if you complain you get banned by a moderator" is purely just trolling at this point since I've mostly left people alone to make whatever comments they want, no matter how crazy some of them may have been, as it has now been MONTHS since we removed anyone from any of these topics for *cough* having an opinion *cough* That being said, keep it up and maybe we'll break our non-banning streak!
  12. There are several on eBay right now for between $40 - $60. I guess it's all perspective but IMO that's not really "breaking the bank" for a solid, well-built, somewhat custom controller that you could get hundreds of hours of play out of.
  13. The Phoenix doesn't look any different than an original stock ColecoVision with an F18A installed, (actually it looks better), which I don't recall many people ever complaining about. I have used my Phoenix on a 4K TV, 1080p HD TV, and a CRT via a converter and it looks just fine.
  14. I'll let you explain to my wife why an alarm clock is going off at 4am for some video game controllers! 🤣 Like I said, looks like things will all work out just fine...
  15. Like, I said, time zones were not in my favor as it was the middle of the night in Russia. I was more hoping that he would have found another set of controllers or I could encourage him to make another set, or perhaps if someone had dropped out. My goal here was more to let him know "there are interested parties." Don't worry about it though, we got it all sorted out.
  16. I'm currently on a cruise ship in the middle of the Baltic Sea so 10pm was the middle of the night for me last night. But I'd be willing to spend $350 on the Pac-Man controllers if you would accept the offer or if another person falls through. Thank you!
  17. It is almost a shame that ArcadeVision made such a decent game for the ColecoVision. Had they simply “played nicer” with the community they could have found themselves a nice niche of buyers who would have been happy to support their games. But playing the “blame game” as though it is somehow the members of the communities fault that their game doesn’t work on certain systems instead of offering refunds or a solution to make the game work, and then seeing the exchange in the past 24 hours is very disappointing. There were some very easy solutions here. None of which the publisher seems to be interested in. At least thanks to Kevtris, people who bought the game now have options to run it on previously non-working systems. I don’t think I’ve seen a scenario like this since Fred sold people faulty SGM knock-offs and tried to blame the customer for the issues they were having with his hardware. Its just not a good look for anyone wanting a community to support their projects. I wanted to be optimistic that the outcome of this would have been better because I’d like to see some new blood in the ColecoVision home brew community. Oh, well...
  18. I honestly don’t know how many it is but for those of you who have bought the cart, please take it up with ArcadeVision to sort out a refund or a solution. If you have brought it up with them and they refuse to work it out, please report back. Personally I think they just need to release a working ROM to everyone who has bought the game. I think that that would be a good faith effort and fixes all of this.
  19. I would most certainly encourage anyone who is having issues with their cartridge to contact ArcadeVision directly so they can get it resolved. AtariAge is not really the forum to be their complaints department and I would hope those who cannot get the game to work will be able to come to some agreement with the publisher to either get the game work or get a refund.
  20. That is not at all what I said. I just wanted to gather as much information as I could on the subject before I formulate an opinion. Something that I'm not sure many others have been doing before blasting the publisher of the game. I for one found the blog post very interesting and greatly appreciated all the discovery! I'm not sure I agree that this kind of copy protection was needed for a homebrew game as it seems to go to an extreme to make sure a homebrew wasn't copied, especially when i don't think that homebrew piracy was that big of a concern in this community. That being said, I would most certainly hope that the publisher would give a refund to anyone who has a copy that didn't work on their machine, or at least supply an unprotected ROM so they could play the game using other methods. I had thought a ROM version would be available to those who purchased the game. Did that ever happen? I honestly do not remember. I personally think the game is great and they did a wonderful job with the game, the packaging, etc, it's just a shame they chose to be so heavy handed with the code. But there most certainly are ways to resolve that issue and I hope it eventually gets resolved so everyone can play.
  21. I would like to know just how many people were affected. 10? 20? 2? That would certainly play an important role into how serious of an issue this really is.
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