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  1. He should be pleased! The game turned out great! 👍
  2. I sent him a link your post in a Facebook message so hopefully he sees it and can help you out.
  3. Here's a quick little video I put together for the game:
  4. I got in my copy of Aztec Challenge today! At first glance it looks and plays great! Box is really nicely done, even shrink wrapped! I'm on my way out the door so I'll post more about it later, but just wanted to mention that it's here and it looks fantastic! Here is the marketplace listing with more information: https://www.facebook.com/groups/colecovisionmarketplace/posts/5127063310711213/
  5. Thanks again, as always, for keeping us up to date!
  6. My minor nitpick is about the name. I actually love the name [email protected] and from a graphic design standpoint it looks great, but as a social media guy, I know that having the @ symbol as part of your name is going to make it difficult for anyone to discuss this on any social media platforms. Please give some consideration to that. Thank you.
  7. JF aka @retroillucid found the date! July 28th!
  8. Chatted with the dude a little more. This is the first homebrew he's done. He's going to make 150 copies total. You can get more details and put your name on the list here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/colecovisionmarketplace/posts/5127063310711213/ or you can email him directly: jmvanrosmalen at home dot nl Apparently he and his friend started working on this game in 2014, got permission from the creator of the original C-64 game, and the finally finished it up this year. That's all the details I've got for you. Hope this helps.
  9. You can also try to contact him at: jmvanrosmalen at home dot nl He says to give him a little time as he's got a lot of orders to sort through, but everyone will get a response.
  10. I would think that the thread has slowed down due to the decision to post the info on the profile page. Traditionally, most people will post about their projects here as members can follow along and it's easy to subscribe to get updates (like how I see them), but I don't see the updates posted to your profile page. Just downloaded the most recent ROM. Looking good!
  11. FYI - Here is the Facebook Messenger contact for the guy selling it. You can make a FB Messenger account for sending messages without needing to have an actual full blown FB account. Perhaps this is an alternative for those looking to buy a copy but don't want to have a full account? Again, I'm just trying to help here... https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009319286219
  12. Like, I said, I have nothing to do with this game. I just saw that it was posted for sale and I'm sharing the link here. That's it.
  13. This is just an FYI post to let you know that Aztec Challenge for ColecoVision is available. It is being sold via Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/colecovisionmarketplace/posts/5127063310711213/ This is not my game, nor am I involved with the production, the sales, or the distribution in any way, I'm just giving you all the heads up that it is available and posting the link.
  14. Yep. That's why I waited until the eyes got to the middle and it started scrolling when I did my comparison test. Honestly, I thought it looked really good! Looking forward to seeing more.
  15. I honestly thought about splitting it off, or hiding the posts that weren't relevant, but I decided to just keep it the way it is and hope it gets back on track.
  16. I mean, just loading it up in CoolCV is seems fine. I loaded up Haunted House and scrolled them side by side and your version seems to scroll a **LITTLE** faster but I'm not sure it really seems to make that much of a difference. I did a little side by side video. Not sure if this is helpful or not, but here you go... haunted house screen record.mov
  17. Personally, I would think that a "Quest for the Golden Chalice" type re-make of Haunted House would be a wonderful addition to the ColecoVision library! Putting on my 22 years of game development hat, my advice would be: Keep the original game in tact, plus up the graphics for the CV, and then maybe add in one or two extra quests or something just to give it a little more appeal. Since you're making a "port" of another game, there will be expectations for it to be similar in design to the original, however adding maybe a bit more to it since the original game was a 2600 title and you're porting it to a more robust console. But overall, don't add too many features to it and end up with a game you can't complete or a game that strays too far away from the original material. Keep your goals reachable! There's always room to release a sequel or update to it later!
  18. Well that's most certainly an interesting development! Is it going to be more than just a port of the 2600 Haunted House?
  19. Nah, I'm out. I've exhausted my efforts...
  20. I'm not sure what you mean. That's the Windows version of CoolCV in those photos of that you quoted. If you mean where to download the Windows version, you can find it here: But I thought you had already downloaded it and installed it?
  21. So I just downloaded CoolCV for Windows and also downloaded that .ddp file again, and I was able to drag the file onto the icon in Windows just like I could on the Mac and it worked just fine.... There is the file in my folder and you can see I made a shortcut to CoolCV on my Windows desktop. I dragged the file from the folder on top of the shortcut... And it loaded up just fine... All of that took me (checks watch) 4 minutes to download everything, unzip the files, install CoolCV, drag the file over and it worked. I'm not sure what you're doing wrong at this point, but I can confirm that it does work, and unfortunately I don't know how to help you any further. Sorry.
  22. Stella is an Atari 2600 emulator. Has nothing to do with ColecoVision, I was just using it as an example of how to drag a file onto a program icon to be able to launch game.
  23. Does it not work the same way? While I use CoolCV on my Mac I use Stella on my Windows computer and I just drag the rom file onto the Stella icon and it opens the game instantly.... @nanochess - Can you launch a game this way on CoolCV for Windows?
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