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  1. And just in time ... Technical marvel of a game but just unplayable 45,190 And for the bonus points the DOS version, man those mouse controls are weird. Ow, and a happy New Year
  2. My score should not represent anything special since it was achieved on my 6th attempt or so. I always try to set up the board so that a stone in the middle is possible but some luck is involved concerning the order the stones are dealt You can't always get what you want A serious attempt at this game would involve writing down all the stones already dealt and adapt your strategy accordingly. But I would not consider that any fun ...
  3. 1,131 is my current high score. Anyone any particular strategies to share ?
  4. Just to make sure : solo play and modern scoring rules?
  5. And a new one 561,080 Not the final one though since my Lynx started up acting weird and it crashed a level later on day 27 ... And for the bonus : The DOS version in full CGA
  6. Interesting video, the debugger software looks to be pretty powerfull. To bad the lcd display has issues. The pixel clock for the "a" part looks to be bad. The other parts also look bad don't know if that would be software related. Maybe another (data?) line also has issues. Question of course is what causes the problem Bad connection in the glued connector (most likely) Lcd gone bad Something on the board gone bad It might be repairable, but I wouldn't feel confident toying around with such a rare piece of equipment.
  7. Very weird then, it should not happen. Something triggers the AC detection circuit. Maybe some HF component on the DC line generated by the switching regulator. Bit harder to analyse. For all it mathers it could also be the LED itself
  8. Did you use a linear voltage regulator? The circuit in the schematic is both a low voltage detector and a ripple detector. It would not surprise me that your linear regulator is overheating. This in turn causes a voltage ripple because it the regulator is going into protection mode. Switching off the lcd causes a lower current draw which in turn cools down the regulator fixing the problem temporarily. Previously in this thread I advised against replacing the original switching power supply by a linear one.
  9. Now that's what I call a lucky run Don't think I am gonna try to beat it. It will take too many attempts. My score was made by killing almost every enemy, just was unlucky with the bonus items. Getting the 75k question mark together with the 2x multiplier is what matters the most.
  10. It should not happen if you have a clean 5V signal. S-8054 is reponsible for the voltage detection. Don't know what voltage it triggers on since the exact submodel is not specified on the schematic and never seen the exact part model referenced anywhere. Measure the 5V with a meter. My guess is its below 5V
  11. 1,569,640 at the end of the game. The record of Der Luchs is not unbreakable but you will need to have a lucky run. Ow and anyone ever passed level 19 without losing a life or 2 ?
  12. StijnDW

    Flashcard Help

    Zaku is no longer available. Another run "might" happen but until then there's almost no possibility of getting it.
  13. I was looking around a bit on YouTube and encountered this lynx un boxing video by an Italian guy. Nothing special except at around 3:20 there is an Atari Lynx system guide in the package. First time I have seen this one. Looks to be completely in Italian. Anyone knows anything more about it? Looks like a nice document.
  14. And already improved it. Lucky score for not getting that far.and the bombing bird/devil is just argh 522,270
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