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  1. That is incredible! That second mockup unit actually looks kinda cool The control...wheel(?) looks, um very uncomfortable. Still, a neat looking kit!
  2. Hm...well, there are a few I wouldn't mind getting my mitts on one day. Obviously, as many above me have stated a Vectrex, but prices keep climbing and is pretty out of my limit as is. As crazy as it sounds, I really would like a Virtual Boy. Same thing with the VB as the Vectrex, too pricey for what is there, but those prices just keep on going up and up. Also, a TurboGrafx Express would easily be a crown jewel in my handheld collection, sadly there just aren't many out there, and, as with the other two again, too expensive. Those three are the ones I actively seek out and would kill to have in the collection, there are other smaller handhelds like the Microvision, N-Gage (don't laugh at me, I'm a handheld collector), and a PSP. Some consoles like, Sega Master System, Sega Saturn, SNES (I have a Hyperkin SupaBoy, which is fine, but nothing beats the real thing) are things I'd get, at the right price.
  3. Finding manuals, especially for older handheld games is pretty hard. So they aren't necessarily something I activity collect for. However, I have found some larger stores as well as at Expo's (like PRGE), and when I find manuals for games I have (and the price is reasonable) I will get the manual(s). Most of the times the games I have are loose, so it isn't that big of a deal for me, yeah, I wouldn't mind having the box, but I have no place to store them. Loose manuals, work perfectly, small and easy to store. (I just store them in a plastic bin) For consoles (like the Genesis and Dreamcast), I get boxed and especially for Dreamcast, they must have manuals. Most of my boxed Genny games have manuals too, and I will walk away from a game if there isn't a manual. Personally though, I love manuals and collecting them. There was always that joy of opening a box up and leafing through the manual before firing the game up. I came pretty late to the physical manual game, but man I still miss 'em.
  4. Very nice set! Trying to go for a complete Game.com collection as well, already have WOF2 (sweet Jesus I was so lucky on that one), but need three/four more games. Tiger Casino, Scramble and Frogger. (also might try and get the Web Link, not as common as the Internet Cart, but sure worth a shot) Only a handful of my games are boxed, so this one is definitely a much better set, best of luck to you!
  5. Look what showed up on eBay this morning! Chips's Challenge and Gates of Zendocon. Only differences between the US/European releases are the manuals, all in Japanese and very...Japanese-y looking. I've seen Klax show up from Japan before, but this is the first I've seen of both of these two! Also, I have a warning, eBay seller kokete also has...well what appears to be many Japanese Lynx games and Boxes...however I have been looking at them (and I'll post a picture below) I want to say with 98% certainly, that they are fakes. The reason these two are valid, the seller is based in Japan. I'll post the links for these two and I hope someone on here is able to get these!!! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-Lynx-Japanese-Release-GATES-OF-ZENDOCON-Boxed-Japan-0212A22-/391390010595?hash=item5b20a99ce3:g:71cAAOSwKtVWyXB fhttp://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-Lynx-Japanese-Release-CHIPS-CHALLENGE-Boxed-Japan-0212A21-/391390009485?hash=item5b20a9988d:g:JJkAAOSwx-9WyW7x
  6. I've seen a lot of his stuff floating around in the past few weeks, looks like he just put up some (what appears to be) fake Lynx Boxes/manuals and claims they are from Japan....and those are totally fake. Damn shame, thank goodness some legit stuff was actually posted today!
  7. Ugh!!!!!!! I'm on my phone and the picture won't upload! Urg...I'll email it to myself and post tomorrow, if anyone has a solution in the meantime let me know. And thank you!
  8. Hey guys, long story short, pulled my Lynx Model I out of its case today and found...a massive scratch, penetrating the lens of the Lynx. Thankfully, it hasn't touched the actual LCD, so thank God(!!) for that. But...I still have a problem, and it's the gash in the screen. Does anyone, know of or have a Lynx I replacement screen and/or know how to replace it??? I will pay, if anyone is willing to sell a screen or offer a service!!! Thanks you guys, let me post a picture below of the damages...Jesus....not what you want to find out about your minty Lynx I!!!!!!
  9. Hrm...I really love Mark and Classic Game Room, but I sadly need to keep my funds pretty tight this year. Still I wish him the best in future endeavors! Maybe...maybe...I still need to support Jeremy Parish over on Patreon too..
  10. Now this is why I love the Gameboy Original/Color so many, many gems. Seriously most of my collection are either the ultra popular, "gotta have it somewhere in the collection" or the most obscure stuff you've (n)ever heard about. let me list a few worth your time: Bubble Ghost: A very simple, 2D puzzle game. It is so charming, with just the right level of difficulty to make it worth your while. Easily in my Top 25 favorite Original Gameboy games, I can't sing it enough praises! Catrap: Also available on the eShop for the 3DS. A lot like Bubble Ghost, many levels of single screen, 2D puzzle goodness. Really, really enjoyable as well (also I suppose now is a good time to mention...there are a lot of Puzzle games on the GB. Be prepared!) Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters: The forgotten Kid Icarus game. Really charming, plays really well for being on the Gameboy and it isn't a shrunk down version of the NES version, always a plus! (great soundtrack as well from what I remember) Also on the eShop Battle Arena Toshinden, King of Fighters '95/'96: All hold really well as mini versions of their console/arcade versions. Very fun, but if you aren't really a fan of 2 button fighting games, approach with caution Solar Striker: The bastard child of 1989/90 1st Party Gameboy releases. It is simple, fairly light on challenge, but it is a very, very well put together Shmup. Love the soundtrack too, also price is very cheap compared to some GB Shmups. Project S-11: Another Shmup mentioned above, this one is for the GBC, excellent well put together and fairly cheap. Toki Tori: I know, it is available on every console imaginable this is the original. It is an excellent and challenging game no matter what Lock 'N Chase: Best Pac-Man clone, with Gameboy exclusive features! Gargoyle’s Quest: This one....I don't know, I suppose it is a hidden gem, but no matter! An excellent, excellent action adventure game! On the eShop as well Revenge of the ‘Gator: HAL Labs, they can make a damn good pinball game. Fun, easy to pickup and play with a rather unique theme.
  11. Video game hell for me....stuck in a small, colorless room, no windows, and only enough light to light the handheld trapped with me. The only handheld I have (with its complete library...) is the Tiger Game.com. (We'll go with the Model I) ...having 20(ish) miserable games...I'd kill myself within...2 hours or so.
  12. I am a lot younger in the collecting biz than most of you guys, but I just wanted to chime in. I started collecting in late 2011-2012, around when I was...fourteen, wowza. Anyway back then I was easily able to secure a bounty of great handhelds (like the Atari Lynx, Neo Geo Pocket Color and many, many more) all of them with games and under $40! My Atari Lynx (Model II) came with five games, and just barley cost more then forty and same with the NGPC. Now...those handhelds, with about the same amount of games...$80+ and beyond for a NGPC, and well over $90 to get a Lynx in guaranteed working order. I just starting to collect for the SupaBoy (SNES) (Hyperkin's, surprisingly excellent SNES portable clone) and I'm already daunted and a little burnt out. How the hell did prices get so high??? Why the hell are they so expensive in the first place??? (and yes I know, excellent quality, but still point stands) It is absolute madness. I think a lot you guys posting above are right, the prices won't go down (a lot), but hopefully the bubble will pop and the mainstream will leave true collectors alone and maybe, just maybe...the prices will start to come down, even if just a little bit.
  13. OH MY GOD ITS REAL?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??! In my 3+ years collecting for the Lynx I have NEVER seen a Ridged Cart Gauntlet. I'd gotten to the point where I thought it wasn't real. Well I have a new goal to find that game....
  14. I collect to play, of course that was my original motto when I started collecting. Now with a collection well over 500+ games...well I still buy to play. But to many games, to little time to play them all!!! My games to have look a least somewhat presentable, good labels, disc games should have the case and manual, some blemishes are allowed; missing screws (yup some GB games have missing screws), lightly worn labels, slightly worn boxes etc. So long as its a game I want to play I'll probably purchase it!
  15. @DuranikStill awaiting mine, kinda forgot I put my name down But I'll have the money today and hopefully that last email went through really looking forward to the game!!! Looks like the final product is quite a quality product!
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