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  1. That's good news! Possible to test with a user that has an OSSC? How would we get ours updated? I have a programer
  2. Are you able to post a picture of what I should be bridging/removing for a genesis 2 cable?
  3. are you able to add black borders around to make it 240p or is that just something an FPGA can do?
  4. Were you able to figure anything else out?
  5. Looking forward to see if this fixes the issues. You should try to buy an OSSC or retrotink to see if the issue is fixed.
  6. Do you think this will fix issues with other devices outside of framemeister? Anyway we can upgrade the current boards?
  7. What about stripping sync from composite or using luma?
  8. So when are you two going to work on 7800 mod? Haha
  9. When are you receiving your test OSSC?
  10. So just let us know when your ready to start selling these!
  11. It looks like all the big manufacturers are doing it as they are made for consoles. Edited. I misread your post. I think they are 220uf and 75ohm on RGB lines and 220uf and 470ohm on Csync line to allow into framemeister. Not 100% on values.
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