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  1. Is the board ready for Odyssey 2?
  2. So just let us know when your ready to start selling these!
  3. It looks like all the big manufacturers are doing it as they are made for consoles. Edited. I misread your post. I think they are 220uf and 75ohm on RGB lines and 220uf and 470ohm on Csync line to allow into framemeister. Not 100% on values.
  4. Easy to do I solder the connector into a breakout board, but I'll likely have to remove the resistors and caps on RGB lines since they are in the cable correct?
  5. I'd be using a Genesis 2 cable, I thought it needed to be 5V?
  6. Is it possible to implement TTL sync instead of 75ohm?
  7. Hello, Has the final design been completed for NTSC RGB?
  8. Do they work with both OSSC and framemeister?
  9. When can we start buying? Are they Odyssey 2 ready?
  10. I'd like a few as well, there are a few consoles I'd want to try it out on.
  11. No problem. I'd be willing to assemble myself for the Intellivision when they are up for sale.
  12. What other consoles will it be compatible with? What do you think your cost will be?
  13. Understood. Will the board be open source or are you selling as a whole?
  14. Do you have a picture of the install? What do you think will be changed with board surface mount components and size? Isen't only 1 small IC that need to be connected? I don't see why this can't be none-mounted?
  15. When do you think it’ll be released?
  16. Color accuracy, RGB, don't think it needs more than 1 pallet.
  17. understood, is there a plan to open source in the future?
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