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  1. Hi guys I have an sound issue on my pc engine GT. The sound is really low on the speaker I already replaced all capacitors: but nothing better. I double check capacitors connections but all is ok. I change the sound amplifier by another one of a dead motherboard: but same issue. I also tried the control board (with speacker) on another console and sound is great ,loud... So the issue come from the mother board. Anyone has an idea of which component I can check or look at? Thanks in advance for your idea:)
  2. You are right. I can expend this grouped order to Europe;) But unfortunately I can't go to the ejagfest is there a method to change (so update) a title thread???
  3. So no french guys interested? So sad...😫
  4. Here is the thread with the new boxes http://atariage.com/forums/topic/291475-authentic-printed-boxes-for-songbird-lynx-games/page-1
  5. Hi I want to make a grouped order for the new songbird boxes because the shipping cost is really expensive. So is there any french guys interested in a grouped order??
  6. so sad that shipping cost oversea is SO expensive...
  7. You can try the recapped and see if the lynx past the title. I spoke about the LCD issue that can be solved by a new LCD (mcwill, bennvenn or stock one)
  8. No it s clearly a bad lcd. Already have some lynx like that. Replace lcd and it will work:)
  9. Still no comparative test between mcwill and bennvenn??
  10. I received mine today. It looks really great and works fine, thank you!!
  11. Thanks for your answer! If you can have a look of your other boxes . I think it s the only one like that because the first made...
  12. Hi I have a question about the white lynx 2 box with the picture of rygar on it: Are the wedges on it are in polystyrene or in cardboard like the other lynx 2 revision boxes? If it s polystyrene wedges , is someone can send me a picture of the wedges? Thanks;)
  13. Hi benn and welcome ! What type of screen will works with your mod? Thanks
  14. what's the fuck??? https://www.ebay.fr/itm/Frogger-Atari-Lynx/283351198752?hash=item41f90c2c20:g:Dq4AAOSwm-FcBoSh:rk:1:pf:0https://www.ebay.fr/itm/Frogger-Atari-Lynx/283351198752?hash=item41f90c2c20:g:Dq4AAOSwm-FcBoSh:rk:1:pf:0 is it an official homebrew or a pirat one? it seems to be the same seller who sold "international karate" few weeks ago, he seems to seel under 2 different ebay's count
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