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  1. good for you! these will made you a new man 😃
  2. I can install it for you if you want . I am from France so not really far from you PM me.
  3. second sold I will update this post with a new one in couple of days
  4. Yes of course you can. My mistake I meant that VGA does not have sound . But off course you can put sound on tv if you add a stereo cable male-male
  5. Sold... I will put another one soon...
  6. do you have a link to order?😉 the only I found don't have same pins
  7. Is someone knows the part number for U6?
  8. thanks If you will be still interested in future, PM me I can make another identical like this one. And Europe is not so far . Even if it's true that due to the Covid crise, shipping oversea is a bit complicated for the moment
  9. No VGA cable is only for video, so the sound comes out the lynx.
  10. Edit:new lynx added The console is near mint condition!!!! Really rare in such shape (no scratches on screen, only some mark on the cartridge port, see pics ) The zener diode has been replaced the mosfet has been replaced. All capacitors have been replaced the control are perfect you can play another 25 years with this one Console with upgraded LCD screen (McWill, not chinese clone), There is a scan lines mod , when you push backlight button, lynx show an orginal display style (with scan line) . See the incomparable difference between this screen and an original one in the photo bellow with desert strike(better all over: contrast, colours, refresh rate, viewing angles.). Mcwill has been modified in order to be abble to adjust the brightness with the potentiometer (see pics) A VGA out was installed in order to play on a computer screen or TV I also modified and customized an original NES controller. “Start “ and “select“ buttons are now “pause “ and “option 1“ Edit: I tried some new button color for the gamepad (you can choose one of these color) Any questions, more photos feel free to ask. The modded lynx comes with : an european DC adaptor or an american or a UK one (just ask), the modified NES controller, and VGA cable if needed I sell it 400 euros
  11. I can install yours. Where are you situated?
  12. Great fadest ! Looking forward a cartridge realise;)
  13. bdoi

    Atari Gamer articles

    Igor, I will send you a mail with a new lynx box( not really new but not indexed) you will have to add to atarigamer and pictures 😉
  14. I don't advise ... mine stoped to work after I only used twice!!😡
  15. where did you find suzy chips? on dead lynx, right? But in majority case of dead lynxes (just whit/brown screen but nothing more), 9V burn the chips, no? But in the majority of dead lynx cases (just white / brown screen but nothing more), the 9V burns chips, right?
  16. Looks amaizing! Sadly I have no time for testing but I am clearly interested to buy the game if you will make a cartridge;)
  17. Do you find a working replacement part for u6?
  18. Does anyone know U6 part number and where I can buy it because I have a couple of lynxes with power issue ( which not comes from mosfet or zener diode);)
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