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  1. bdoi

    Captain Harlynx

    Whaou! Really impressive 3d effect!
  2. Hello I am searching a boxed lynx 1 in white box like yours. Do you sell it alone?
  3. Didn't try it yet but the box design and realisation are impressive
  4. Hi Carl Just received A Bug's Trip and Xump , thanks to fadest's grouped puchase I mounted the boxs but I am surprised that manuals don't fit in the box. Is there a trick?
  5. Looks great karri! Interested in one copy
  6. sold to "patb1au" I will make another one in a few weeks
  7. bdoi

    Bomb Jack

    Looks really good! I played a lot at bomjack on a cpc6128. So much fun
  8. Great to hear it has finally reached japan. Take care of your new jewel and have fun
  9. good for you! these will made you a new man 😃
  10. I can install it for you if you want . I am from France so not really far from you PM me.
  11. second sold I will update this post with a new one in couple of days
  12. Yes of course you can. My mistake I meant that VGA does not have sound . But off course you can put sound on tv if you add a stereo cable male-male
  13. do you have a link to order?😉 the only I found don't have same pins
  14. Is someone knows the part number for U6?
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