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  1. I saw the below on eBay!!! It's an Atari 5200 joystick adapter that can be used with Sega Genesis controller! Looks good! I bought one! @Nojeee Thanks for the game, btw. This game looks pretty colorful! Nice! Was it written in assembly language or in C? https://www.ebay.com/itm/114619241665
  2. Thanks for the info. I'll WDC's PIA and give it a try. Their PIA (the part mentioned in the OP) is 100% compatible with Rockwell 6520A, which the Atari uses. It's much cheaper and is 100% new then buying on eBay of 40-year-old part. How do you diagnose you 800xl's delay line and MMU broke? (I am able to locate the MMU on my 800's XL motherboard.) Thank you!
  3. Hi, I believe my 800XL goes dead because of a dead PIA. I get the blank screen. Swapped out other chips with working ones, and those chips are fine. The only one left is the PIA, but the working 800XL that I use to debug the dead 800XL does not its PIA socketed. I have a strong feeling (yes the force is strong on this one), the dead 800XL is due to a bad PIA chip. I was doing some SIO HW project, and probably caused it to die. So, I saw that WDC (Western Design Center) has the PIA below and it's compatible with the Rockwell PIA that is used by my dead 800XL. The only thing I am not sure of is the WDC says NMOS compatible. Does anyone know if the Atari 800XL's Rockwell PIA is NMOS or CMOS? W65C21N6TPG-14 Peripheral Interface Adapter NMOS Compatible / Plastic Dual-In-Line, 40 pins, RoHS and Green Compliant Mouser stocks it at https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Western-Design-Center-WDC/W65C21N6TPG-14?qs=%2Fha2pyFaduifD1gf44hwy5ejokbLHUq8bOouCmEsViCPIGu8FqTGdA%3D%3D Thank you!
  4. Hi, I have STL/3D files for Atari/C64 cartridge cases. Could someone please recommend a good vendor in China that make cases from my 3D models? There are a zillion cheap PCB vendors, but I can't a good case producing vendor. Thank you!
  5. Thanks, mimo! This is what I was looking for.
  6. No. I just wanted something simple to try first. Thanks to mimo for the link to the zip file!
  7. Hi, Thank you for this great project. Will the below work. I don't want a Arduino board or any touch screen stuff. I just want the below SIMPLE board like below. 1) Get an ATMEGA328P, flash the eeprom_writer.hex and the SDrive.hex. 2) Wire the pins of the ATMEGA328P as indicated on the web site https://atari8bit.net/everything-sdrive-max/ to the Atari SIO connector's pins. 3) Then wire the MISO/MOSI/SCK/SS pins of the ATMEGA328P to my SD CARD adapter. 4) Wire all the ATMEGA328P pins to the buttons shown in the image. 5) Wire all the ATMEGA328P pins to the LEDs shown in the image. My questions are: 1) Is there a firmware version available that does not have the touch screen stuff in it with the buttons and LEDs handling? 2) Can my entire board, as described above, can run with 3.3V at 16Mhz for the ATMEGA328P? Basically, I take the +5V from the Atari's SIO connector and feed it to an LDO to have 3.3V to power the ATMEGA328P and the SD CARD. 3) I can simply copy the sdrive.atr file into the SDCard, and the Atari computer will load this diskette file, so that I can run a menu program on the Atari computer? 4) Is there a schematic already available for the simple SDMax board I described above? Many thanks!
  8. Hi, I have the 3D STL files. I need to know where I can find in China to get fast and cheap (hopefully) to produce some prototyping cartridge cases for the C64 and VIC-20. For example, JLCPCB.com is excellent for PCB board prototyping -- fast and cheap. I would like to know the same but for plastic casing. Also, ABS plastic is pretty toxic I heard. Which plastic material is better? Thank you!
  9. Ah...Crab! Now my Atari 800XL powers up but screen goes blank, even the SIO2SD is unplugged. :sad: LOL! Another problem!
  10. Thanks. That's exactly what I have, although the Sio2Sd.cfg file is created after the first time configuring all the options. I tried your SIO2SD.ZIP and something interesting happens. 1) My TV goes blank. There is no Atari "READY" BASIC prompt. 2) The LCD of the SIO2SD displays the below. D1: - OFF /Games I'll check my original Atari SIO cable, which I bought from eBay. It could be bad. I know for sure there is a +5V going to the SIO2SD board from the Atari. Otherwise, I wouldn't be seeing the LCD being on.
  11. I followed the above link to the letter. And the sio2sd.xex does *not* get loaded. Instead, the config menu is started every time the computer is started. So, I choose "config mode" to start only if "K4+shift" held down when starting the computer. That does not get me into config mode, which is expected; however, the sio2sd.xex again is NOT loaded. My Atari 800XL starts up with the "READY" BASIC prompt. Btw, I set "Device ID:" to ZERO. It does not matter if "Top Drive:" is set to ON or OFF. Same problem, the sio2sd.xex is not loaded into the Atari 800XL. My LCD displays: D1: MULE.ATR International Karate In my "ATARI" folder of the SD card, I have the MULE.ATR and "International Karate.ATR" files. I've been attempting to choose D1 to load mule automatically? My firmware Version is 3.1RC2. I am just lost on this! ATARI SIO2SD INSTRUCTIONS / TIPS SETUP (firmware v3.1) Format an SD card (FAT 12, 16 or 32 file systems) Download sio2sd.zip , extract sio2sd.xex and copy it to SD card Make a folder named Atari Put into that folder Insert SD card into SIO2SD Turn on computer On SIO2SD double press SHIFT button (gray button on SIO2SD Micro / PC Combo) "CFG TOOL mode" will appear on the LCD display Press K1 button (Drive button on SIO2SD Micro) to enter "cfgtool mode : " With K2 button (Button file on SIO2SD Micro) select" every startup " Press K3 button (ESC button on SIO2SD Micro) Press K1 button (Drive button on SIO2SD Micro) to go to" topdrive mode " With K2 button (File button on SIO2SD Micro) set it to "off" Turn off computer Turn on computer In this way every time you turn on your Atari menu will be loaded. To have SD card files sorted, use DriveSort , a nice Windows application.
  12. Today, after assembled one board, and got the SD boots up! I am using Firmware 3.0RC5. After spent countless hours, I still not able to have the SIO2SD to boot up the sio2sd.xex in the SD card's root directory! My SD looks working, because I am able to select files from the SD card. But, I am so damn confused all the D1-D15 and V1-V98 stuff! I just wanted to have sio2sd.xex boots up and let me select a *ATR file to run. I've translated (via Google translate) the instructions from the PDF file OpisSETUPiK1-K4v3.1.pdf, and yet nothing works! It's so $^$%$ painful to get an *.ATR file loaded! Please help!
  13. Hi all, The aquarius ram expander that the OP did, it has the DS1233. I am able to locate it but I don't know the exact reset voltage to buy for. Also, the DS1233 is expensive. Is there a substitute for it? DigiKey DS1233 search results: https://www.digikey.com/products/en/integrated-circuits-ics/pmic-supervisors/691?k=econo+reset&k=&pkeyword=econo+reset&sv=0&pv1291=714&sf=1&FV=ffe002b3%2Cffec56cc&quantity=&ColumnSort=0&page=1&pageSize=25 Thanks!
  14. Download the TL866 Software version 6.85 and the problem with GAL2210D/B programming should be solved. This new version just fixes the problem for me! After installing, it will ask you to update the firmware for the TL866 programmer itself! Make sure you do that! Link: http://www.autoelectric.cn/MiniPro/minipro_setup685.rar Below is the release notes for the V6.85. 版本: V6.85 Support:14337--2018.10.19ADD: ATF20V8B FIXED: GAL22V10B M95320W M95128W
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