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  1. Thanks for responding, I will send you a reminder later in September. Enjoy your vacations.
  2. I'm trying to resurrect some almost 30-year-old Action! code I was last working on around 1991, and I'm running Action! from my SIDE2 cart with @ebiguy's OSS cart images in @flashjazzcat's firmware. To compile my source code, I first need to run the BIGST.ACT program from the Runtime disk to increase the symbol table size. Unfortunately the BIGST.ACT program must rely on the banking scheme in the original Action! cart to reset the system and it locks up the computer when I run it. BIGST.ACT writes a zero byte to $D503 and calls a coldstart routine at $A326 to reboot the cartridge. Has anyone had any success creating the big symbol table using the SIDE2 Action! implementation, or knows what bank address should be used in place of $D503 to reboot the Action! cart? Some of the previous posts about the SIDE OSS cart implementation mentioned the bank layout having to be changed. Thanks Geoff For context, the source code for BIGST.ACT is: ; BIGST.ACT ; copyright (c) 1984 ; by Action Computer Services ; All Rights Reserved ; This program will create a big ; global symbol table (max 510 ; entries, normally 255) when run. ; It will boot the cartridge as well, ; so you must not have anything in ; the Editor that you want. It does ; not increase the space used to ; store variable names. If you want ; to increase this as well, you will ; have to 'SET $495 = #' in the ; monitor after running this program. ; # is the number of pages you want ; to be used for name storage (each ; page is 256 bytes, default is 8). ; You must use the correct version of ; Cold below: ; version 3.0 ACTION! ROM ;PROC Cold=$A323()[] ; version s 3.1 to 3.6 ACTION! ROMs PROC Cold=$A326()[] PROC BigSymbolTable() CHAR bigST=$4C4 BYTE EBank=$D503 Zero($480, 255) ; following statement causes all ; variables starting with uppercase ; letters to go into one half of the ; global symbol table and variables ; starting with lowercase letters to ; go into other half (255 entries in ; each half). If you use mostly ; uppercase variable (this includes ; PROC/FUNC names) use 'M. If you ; use mostly lowercase variables then ; use 'm. bigST = 'M ; boot cartridge with big S.T. ; Will not return. EBank = 0 Cold() RETURN
  3. Hi, I'm interested in purchasing at least 1, possibly 2. Geoff
  4. Just missing those two vital GPIOs. Thanks for checking. It is tiny though, it looks like it's not far off being able to fit into an SIO plug!
  5. I noticed that Pimoroni in the UK are selling these ESP32 development boards: https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/tinypico Should FujiNet run on one of these? Geoff
  6. This is my 400 psu. You can see the label shows the two outputs, 9v AC & 6v DC. The jack for the 6v output is on the corner. The label says "Made in England" so maybe it was a UK-specific modification. My old 1050 had the exact same psu but without the 6v DC output, IIRC. It's a bit dusty, I must show it some TLC soon. The 9v cable is showing signs of the insulation cracking right where it emerges from the case, I don't know if that can be repaired or if I just need to handle with care. Geoff
  7. Tadmod, yes that's the one, you definitely aren't going mad 😁 The main output for the computer was 9v AC, but on one of the corners there was a 2.5mm jack socket that provided 6v DC for the 410.
  8. My 400 psu had an extra port to plug in a cable to power the 410. I'll try to get a photo of it later. I still have the 400 and it works like a charm but my 410 is long gone, unfortunately! :(
  9. My wife's late father worked as a joiner in a shipyard where asbestos dust "fell like snow". He passed away over 20 years ago from mesothelioma, an aggressive form of asbestosis. My mother-in-law was diagnosed with the same disease last year, probably caught from asbestos dust in her husband's clothes when she was doing the laundry. She passed away in June this year, it was scary how quickly it took her at the end. Horrific stuff.
  10. Thanks Rybags and DavidMil for the advice. I have some equivalent caps on order and am reassured that it's not going to cause damage to the computer if I continue to use it in the meantime.
  11. I just recently purchased my first 800XL and was looking inside to see if any of the ICs were socketed. Most of the big ICs are, apart from the 6520 PIA, but the OS and Basic ROMs are soldered along with all of the smaller chips on the board. Anyway, while I was checking the other components, I noticed that C48 down at the front left side of the motherboard, next to the trim pot, is cracked and appears to have broken in two. There was a slight brown stain round one of the solder joints, like corrosion but it doesn't seem too bad. The 800XL appears to be working fine, the composite output is better than my 130XE, but my question is what C48 does and could running the computer with C48 damaged cause problems down the line? The Service Manual says it's an axial ceramic .1 uF capacitor. As it's next to the trim pot, is it related to the video circuitry? I will probably replace it as soon as possible it but I want to know if it's an urgent fix as I don't have any caps of that description handy! Thanks Geoff
  12. The label on the picture of the floppy disk in post #18 seems to indicate a V4.20D as well, it looks like a D has been written on over the original label. The version I uploaded was definitely 4.20C by the title screen when I loaded it into the emulator. Geoff Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  13. Ideally that's what I'd like to do to try to preserve the data, is there anyone (possibly in the UK, purely for postage reasons) who has the hardware and skills to rescue them and would be willing to take on the task? Maybe someone else will chime in with a working set of disks? There must be other copies out there somewhere. I no longer have the board so the disks are just sitting here, gradually rotting away. If I can get them to someone who can preserve the contents or whatever, I'm happy to pass them on. (Unless they're worth an absolute fortune like an Apple I or something, lol) Maybe one day Altirra will be able to emulate the hardware, that would be fun. [emoji16] Geoff Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
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