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  1. I sent all the disks to Matt (who was also posting on this thread) since I don't have the hardware mod anymore. I didn't hear if he was ever able to preserve or archive any of the ones I wasn't confident about copying. Sent from my AC2003 using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks for your reply, I thought the 800 issue might have been voltage-related but wasn't sure. I was investigating it again and noticed that when I touched the Q3 transistor the audio track started to come through, but with a lot of crackle. Even when I stopped the tape the crackle continued and got louder until I pressed Reset on the 800XL which reversed the POKE 54018,52. There may be a dry solder joint on Q3, or possibly the transistor is bad. I'd like to confirm that before I try to source a replacement. That schematic is very similar to the one I have, thanks for the link to the user manual.
  3. I picked up an XC12 from eBay and it loads programs ok, but with, for example, the Conversational French cassettes, there is no audio in the spoken sections. I tried playing a normal audio cassette with POKE 54018,52 but there's no sound with that either. The cassettes play ok in a standard cassette player. (Oddly, I tried it on my 800, in case the U1MB in my 800XL was causing an issue, and there is no audio there either, but when I enter the POKE 54018,52 and press Play, the 800 does a soft reset. The tape motor starts up when entering the POKE command with the play button already pressed.) I can see a digital signal on the Data In pin when playing a cassette, but no signal at all on pin 11 when there should be an audio channel, so I'm guessing the left channel is being read ok but the right channel signal is getting lost somewhere between the head and SIO pin 11. Has anyone found a service manual for the XC12? I can only find the 1010 service manual and I'm not sure how much of that will apply equally to the XC12. This schematic is the best info I can find on the workings of the XC12. Thanks Geoff
  4. I think ultnogos.rom is the SIDE2 version of the full firmware, the u1mbs3.rom is for use with the SIDE3. You can flash the u1mbs3fw.rom to the 'Firmware' slot in UFLASH to update it for use with the SIDE3. Sent from my AC2003 using Tapatalk
  5. I guess with a lot of these newer upgrades the 40+ year old hardware is being pushed to places it was never meant to go. Fun and exciting as it is, there's a limited test base to find where all the kinks are going to be so new hardware can't be fully tested until it's in the wild with a significant user base. I suppose at least with FPGAs etc there's a good chance to iron out 'hardware' problems with a flash upgrade. All your firmware upgrade work is proof of that, it's nothing short of miraculous. I've been experimenting with the XL again briefly, I'm wary about powering it on and off too much, seems like that's asking for trouble, like flicking a light on and off to see if the bulb is faulty... "no... no... no... no... yep, I knew it was!" With the Sophia2 connected to the HDMI switch as the only input, things seem fine. As soon as I power up my PC then the XL starts giving the black screen on powering it on (most times). Pressing System Reset takes me through to the normal boot process. With the Sophia2 connected to the DVI input of my monitor, so far the XL boots successfully every time, which makes me think it's the HDMI that is the common factor and nothing to do with the U1MB or Side3 firmware. I'm struggling to think how another HDMI signal into a switch can affect the XL so that it refuses to boot. Maybe there's some kind of signal being fed back directly to the Sophia2 and interfering with my Atari? Anyway, I'll try again over the next few days and see if I can definitively say it only occurs when the Sophia is connected through the HDMI splitter *and* the PC is also hooked up and running. The Side3 looks like it's working perfectly, SDX reads the config from an APT drive on the Side3 and there have been no issues with that at all.
  6. I went back to check and can hardly get it to fail now! I have the Sophia2 output going through a DVI to HDMI cable through an HDMI splitter and it only failed when the PC was also sending a signal to the HDMI splitter. But there was no sign of the usual boot sounds from the XL, it just freezes on the blank screen until Reset is pressed. With the PC off (or suspended) the Atari seemed to work every time. I did see it fail with the PBI HDD both enabled and disabled, but I'll try again tomorrow and see if I can see a pattern. I should have said up front, the new firmware is amazing, I've especially been enjoying the ability to tweak the Sophia2 settings. Thanks for all the hard work you've put in. Sent from my AC2003 using Tapatalk
  7. Thanks for the quick and helpful replies @flashjazzcat and @DrVenkman. I left the 800XL powered on for a while as I was distracted by something shiny elsewhere, and just power-cycled it a few minutes ago only to see it work perfectly a few times and fail on others. I assume this is going to be one of those intermittent things that depends on the alignment of the stars, but I'll keep an eye on it over the next few days and see if it reoccurs. I think I should have a spare 6502C I can try swapping in, not sure about the 74F08, but I'll track one down if necessary I am sure. I'll search for the fix by @tf_hh, hopefully I have a few capacitors that will match what's needed for that if I have to go there. As I said, it was happening with or without the Side3, but seems sporadic.
  8. I've flashed the U1MBS3.ROM and SOS3P2.ROM plugin so I have control of my Sophia2 on my 800XL, and flashed the new S3 Loader and SDX image to my Side3 cart. When I power the 800XL up, I just get a black screen until I press System Reset, then the U1MB splash screen is displayed and the computer boots into SDX. Everything seems perfectly ok apart from the power on black screen issue. It happens with or without the Side3 cart plugged in and with or without my FujiNet plugged in. Has anyone else seen something like this? Geoff
  9. I uploaded the Atari 400/800 dump to the A8 Preservation site a few months back, I've had the cassette since the early 80s. There was already a version for the XL/XE OS and I was sent a copy of that dump. I'll attach them here, but if there's a reason I shouldn't be sharing the XL version that was sent to me, let me know and I'll remove this post. The manual is available here https://archive.org/details/ACE_Atari_Cassette_Enhancer_manual Geoff A.C.E. - The Atari Cassette Enhancer (1983)(English Software Company)(GB)[!][BASIC].cas A.C.E. The Atari Cassette Enhancer (1983)(English Software)(GB)[ver2.0][OSB][Load with BASIC].cas
  10. If a UK-based seller is handier for you, you can get the AVG Cart from retrolemon.co.uk. I bought one from them a couple of weeks ago. They also sell the SIO cable to let you plug it into the SIO socket for ATR support if you ever wanted to do that. I think there's an EU supplier as well. Sent from my AC2003 using Tapatalk
  11. The full A.C.E. manual is at the Internet Archive... I mean, of course it is, where else would it be? I can't believe I didn't look there before now! https://archive.org/details/ACE_Atari_Cassette_Enhancer_manual Geoff Sent from my AC2003 using Tapatalk
  12. Must be lots of changes, hopefully for the better! Definitely worth a visit. You take care too Paul Sent from my AC2003 using Tapatalk
  13. I'm originally from a few miles east of Armagh, my wife grew up in Ravenhill area and we now live just off the Castlereagh Road in the east of the city. Only been here 9 years so I'm still a 'blow-in' Geoff Sent from my AC2003 using Tapatalk
  14. The manual on the preservation page is actually the cassette inlay from my tape version. I remember having a printed 'manual' that was a couple of A4 pages stapled into the form of an A5 booklet that explained the commands that were available. Unfortunately I haven't seen it in years, it might be in a box in the attic but it's probably lost Sent from my AC2003 using Tapatalk
  15. I uploaded a dump to the A8 Preservation site a few weeks ago. They already had an XL version, my cassette was an earlier 400/800 version. http://www.a8preservation.com/#/software/title/1492 Sent from my AC2003 using Tapatalk
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