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    I grew up with the Atari 2600 but I never was a fan of it, since my friends had better machines like the Commodore. Now I try to make the games I would have loved to play on the Atari back then. But it is tough.

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  1. A more beautiful curve sunset2q.txt sunq.bin
  2. I wanted to do curves, but it's difficult with the reflected playfield, but what if I do like in Outrun? A forking road! And later I will do different scenarios for different paths. It's in testing phase so be patient ... sunn.bin sunset2n.txt
  3. New update. Road moving under the motorcycle. Velocity decreases when bumping a car. sunk.bin sunset2k.txt
  4. New file with some very minor improvements. I usually don't reply but edit the original post, but I don't know how to do that in the new site, at least in the mobile version. suni.bin sunset2i.txt
  5. I tend to think my games are completed, but I understand that not anyone think they are. I know it is lacking a lot of things but instead of resuming it I prefer to redo it from scratch. Maybe the next game following this.
  6. My game is the "client budget" version of Out Run. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2576778445796516&id=1339821916158848&sfnsn=mo
  7. It is unintended. But I don't think it's very similar. Maybe the first couple of notes.
  8. The new site is not showing attachments by now. Thats why I didnt upload it. Thanks for your comments. They mean a lot to me.
  9. I tried many times to make a racer game. My last attempt was Sunset Forest Rider. This is the "sequel". It's a WIP. I wanted to make something like Out Run. With hills and all that stuff. It has the hills. But not the curves. It's a straight road. At least for now. Source code: http://mauisland.byethost24.com/ho11/sunset2g3.txt ROM: http://mauisland.byethost24.com/ho11/sung2.bin
  10. I took stephena advice and in the meantime enhanced the graphics a bit. kqsj.bin
  11. Yes. That must be what's happening. I am too lazy to correct this game . But for my next games I will take that into account.
  12. Maybe I don't remember well, but I think other emulators work like the older Stella, and the newer Stella is the different one. I don't remember the number of versions. I have no manner of testing on the real hardware.
  13. What happens to me in Stella is that the sprite for the player is initiated in a different place depending on the version of Stella. I don't program where the player starts horizontally in the screen, I let it take any place. In different versions of Stella, it starts in different places. Now I am thinking that I should program it to avoid having two versions of the game.
  14. No. It's plain assembly, you can tell because it has a lot of glitches. I see that batari Basic games are very polished, but maybe it is not because of batari Basic but because they are competent programers. EDIT: It sounded like I am criticising batari Basic programmers, but I am actually criticising myself.
  15. This is an attempt to recreate King's Quest II in the Atari 2600. You travel to the land of Kolyma, ruled by the ancient vampire Tengo Mikuro Kagado. Pay a visit to the convent so you can get a rosary to kill the vampire. He will drop a key which you can use to unlock the mystic door leading to where the Strange Woman is locked inside a mystic tower. She has the secret of the Infinite Stew created by her son who died in the last Holocaust. The stew is sort of a new Grail every knight is after. You are a samurai that is deformed like everybody in this post-holocaust world. And you earned some lands and a castle with a strange mirror (tablet) where you started to see visions of this woman. (In newer Stella versions change ContaX to 50.) Last version: kqsj.bin Version for newer Stella: kqg.bin KQUESTG.TXT KQUESTG.BIN kquestJ.txt
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