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  1. The End - 44620 Tower of Rubble - 174 Robot City - 2619
  2. It says 1.06 Edit: my pre production one says 1.07. I'll update the encore.
  3. Is anyone else having issues booting up The End on their harmony encore cart? The other two games boot fine. The End just endlessly tries to load. Edit: it's something weird happening with my encore cart. I put the sd card in my pre-production cart and it booted fine.
  4. Mountain King - 30365 Spikes Peak - 3000 BMX - 99,990
  5. It's not really a problem. It's just a setting. I've fixed this on TVs by entering in the service code and adjust the settings.
  6. I got mine from Owlnonymous on twitch. I highly recommend it. CPS2 is currently in the works. The entire system costs less maxed out than a super turbo pcb. He sells them at his build cost for $340.
  7. I am! I love it. I have a second mister coming today, so I can install this one into an arcade cab. The only thing I haven't figured out, is how to get the paddle controllers on my 2600dapter to register/configure on the mister. After that's done, I'm most likely selling all of my Atari gear. It's incredible. The best part is that if you wanted to, you can get the IO board, and output 240p to a CRT, using component cables.
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