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  1. I am certainly happy that I got my s-video modded Atari working with the RetroTINK 2x. Looks like I got some new streaming content!
  2. I am out of the high score club. I have been setting up a capture setup when I have time between taking care of my daughter, and the fun of the kitchen being remodeled. I finally found the combination that works with my RetroTINK 2x and my s-video modified Atari. S-video VHS player cleans up the signal that the RetroTINK 2x likes it. Whenever all that is said and done, I plan on doing Twin Galaxies style recordings, just to get some scores recorded. Not entirely sure of the direction I am going to go, if it's live streaming or if it is a website that I can broadcast my scores on, but I don't think I'll be submitting anything to Twin Galaxies. TL;DR: Tinkering with my Atari and setting up to start recording score sessions for YouTube, and future projects/endeavors.
  3. I wouldn't concede just yet. I haven't been able to beat my score since I got my current PB of it.
  4. Just don't do what I do, and yell BREAK HIS LEGS when I play Ice Hockey, and try to injure the opponent. Warlords is good. Same with Kaboom! If you want a lot of fun in a game, but make it super easy and simple that anyone can get into, get Wall Jump Ninja. Has a very modern/cell phone feel in a retro game.
  5. I looked on the previous time we played this, and I'm really confused on why I only got 77k. I played it now and got 212,700 within 10 minutes. I must have been really tired, or really out of the game.
  6. Basketball - 42 - 40 Ice Hockey - 19 - 9
  7. Dragon's Decent - 595 Pac-Man 4k - 16270 Seaweed Assault - 5617
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