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  1. Streaming deathsmiles again :) http://www.twitch.tv/mightysquirrel

    1. moycon


      Looks like Space Invaders Extreme!

  2. Streaming some Atari for the New Years! http://www.twitch.tv/mightysquirrel

  3. Extra-life.org charity/Berzerk world record attempt stream is up! http://www.twitch.tv/mightysquirrel

  4. Extra-life.org charity/Berzerk world record attempt stream is up!

  5. Extra-life.org charity/Berzerk world record attempt stream is up!

  6. Streaming Atari 2600!

  7. Streaming Atari 2600!

  8. Streaming Fast Food!

  9. Streaming Fast Food!

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    2. Keatah


      I thought it was screaming


    3. Gorfy


      It looks like you're catching up to me!

    4. Grig


      Is Good Burger next?

  10. Going to be streaming emulators this week, until I get my setup correctly done at the new place.

    1. greencoman


      Can you tell me about emulators. Like are the games for free?

  11. I'll be streaming for a half hour or so :) http://www.justin.tv/mightysquirrel

    1. SpiceWare


      I'm there!

    2. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      You streamed all over my shoe!

  12. I will be streaming tomorrow night, for the final night of the gentleman's Kaboom! tourney, and whatnot. Working out the kinks before the Berzerk run on July 4th. :)

    1. Emehr


      Good luck! Looking forward to your next go at Berzerk.

  13. I just tried some of this. Tears were streaming down, face and scalp beet red, great stuff. :D http://www.pepperpalace.com/Hottest_Sauce_in_the_Universe_2nd_Dimension_p/n185.htm

    1. n5x


      oh yes I have had that and it does take your breath away!

  14. I'm on a horse!

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    2. keilbaca


      Hehe :) To hide away from the girlfriend :-p

    3. Csonicgo


      *whistles old spice tune*


    4. Grig


      Don't forget the three french toast!

  15. My brother and I treated my parents to an early Christmas gift, being their TV was going... a new TV! Black Friday special, only 4 people in line for the Samsung TV at Wal-Mart.

  16. That awkward/geeky feeling you get when you call your local Gamestop for an Xbox 360 game... and they ask you if its a real game.

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    2. keilbaca


      Ahahaha :) This is a true story though. The game was Otomedius Excellent. You can get it online and ship to store, however. Maybe I should order it and get it shipped there, to spark their interest. There has to be some classic gamers there who would love a new Gradius..

    3. MagitekAngel


      Gamestops everywhere are still receiving calls asking if they've got Battletoads.

    4. the.golden.ax


      They should have just called it Schmexy Parodius X

  17. Had an amazing job interview today. I'm hoping for the best :)

    1. raskar42


      hope it works out.

    2. keilbaca


      Me too :) Its basically what I am doing now, with a huge potential to move up, and I can finally solder. :)

  18. Ordered the ATI 6950! Comes in Monday... I can't wait!

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