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  1. I stream on both ustream and ufrag. Ustream is MightySquirrel, ufrag is Squirrel.

    Isn't that game fantastic? The real gem of the game is when you get a 4 ball multiball going when you unlock 3 of the mulitballs.

  2. Contemplating getting a new job...

  3. Enjoying a strangely calm day at work today, well strangely calm for a Monday. Can't wait to go home to test out my fixed up joystick :)

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    2. keilbaca


      Modified. Replaced the atari 2600 metal depressions with SPST switches. There's a thread about it in the Atari 2600 forum.

    3. keilbaca
    4. Gorfy


      checked out the thread ---- looks pretty cool. Are you selling these modified joysticks? I was thinking about picking up a reconditioned Wico command sometime soon, but one these might be better.

  4. Extra-life.org charity/Berzerk world record attempt stream is up! http://www.twitch.tv/mightysquirrel

  5. Extra-life.org charity/Berzerk world record attempt stream is up!

  6. Extra-life.org charity/Berzerk world record attempt stream is up!

  7. Finally found a good team on Marvel vs Capcom 3. Ammy/Super-Skrull/Akuma. I was damn close to a perfect one match. ^_^

  8. Going to be streaming emulators this week, until I get my setup correctly done at the new place.

    1. greencoman


      Can you tell me about emulators. Like are the games for free?

  9. Had an amazing job interview today. I'm hoping for the best :)

    1. raskar42


      hope it works out.

    2. keilbaca


      Me too :) Its basically what I am doing now, with a huge potential to move up, and I can finally solder. :)

  10. Happy New Years to you too! Be safe!

  11. I just tried some of this. Tears were streaming down, face and scalp beet red, great stuff. :D http://www.pepperpalace.com/Hottest_Sauce_in_the_Universe_2nd_Dimension_p/n185.htm

    1. n5x


      oh yes I have had that and it does take your breath away!

  12. I will be streaming tomorrow night, for the final night of the gentleman's Kaboom! tourney, and whatnot. Working out the kinks before the Berzerk run on July 4th. :)

    1. Emehr


      Good luck! Looking forward to your next go at Berzerk.

  13. I'll be streaming for a half hour or so :) http://www.justin.tv/mightysquirrel

    1. SpiceWare


      I'm there!

    2. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      You streamed all over my shoe!

  14. I'm on a horse!

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    2. keilbaca


      Hehe :) To hide away from the girlfriend :-p

    3. Csonicgo


      *whistles old spice tune*


    4. Grig


      Don't forget the three french toast!

  15. Its a new one. It came out already on the PS2, PSP and Wii. The one coming out for 360 and PS3 has 3 new tables. Medieval Madness (YES!!!!!!!!!), Tales from arabian nights and no good gophers (YES!!!!!!!!!!)

  16. Kinda wants to mod something... maybe my Flashback 2 gets a cart slot now. I bet capture cards like the a/v output...

  17. Might do my Williams Pinball Hall of Fame Let's Play tonight. :)

    1. Austin


      Do iiiitt!! I want to hear your glowing opinions on it.

    2. keilbaca


      I still have to arrange some things, we will see how long that takes. I might just do each individual table, and not the challenge.

    3. keilbaca


      I'll have to use my other capture card being that the moviebox dv can't handle flicker like on Virtual On. I hope it can handle both recording... I'm sure it can, being DV AVI is raw video.

  18. My brother and I treated my parents to an early Christmas gift, being their TV was going... a new TV! Black Friday special, only 4 people in line for the Samsung TV at Wal-Mart.

  19. New project! Modifying my metal DDR pad to be a lot closer to the arcade. This shall be fun. :)

    1. Austin


      Nice.. I had a cobalt flux myself but it still wasn't quite the same (it didn't have the outer metal ridges that the arcade machines have)

  20. Ordered the ATI 6950! Comes in Monday... I can't wait!

  21. Ordered the ATI 6950! Comes in Monday... I can't wait!

  22. Really getting sick of not getting a good picture on my capture card... not even my audio/video mod works on my Atari. Time to dig out the ol' vcr...

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