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  1. I'll take the sealed Dark Chambers please
  2. Thank you! Not going to lie, if it wasn't for this, I wouldn't be playing my Atari nearly as much as I do. I love the work that goes into this, and it really is the highlight of my gaming. Thank you S.BAZ for all of your hard work, karokoenig for the prizes, everyone for participating, and KaeruYojimbo for that wonderfully put together site with all of the stats! See you all next year!
  3. Indeed! I just bested my boing score also. 69835
  4. The layout looks great! Do you plan on putting scores in, or just the brackets?
  5. Lets start it off! Frogger: 38450 Boing: 16840 Stay Frosy: 25549
  6. Megamania! Another shmup Unfortunately, Megamania is one of the games that I never did truly grasp. Time to make that change! Good luck!
  7. Indeed! It was a lot of fun. I also crushed my previous best. I never gave the game a serious try the first time around, mainly due to my job.
  8. Ok, this is super, super cool. You really outdid yourself with this!
  9. S-video modified Sears Video Arcade II, for me. Unfortunately my HDMI Upscaler hates the signal.
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