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  1. Megamania! Another shmup Unfortunately, Megamania is one of the games that I never did truly grasp. Time to make that change! Good luck!
  2. Indeed! It was a lot of fun. I also crushed my previous best. I never gave the game a serious try the first time around, mainly due to my job.
  3. Ok, this is super, super cool. You really outdid yourself with this!
  4. S-video modified Sears Video Arcade II, for me. Unfortunately my HDMI Upscaler hates the signal.
  5. Does this work in MAME? Will I FINALLY be able to play Warlords, the way it's meant to be played? Edit: And can I get two of them for 4 player action? EDIT 2: Looks like my question was answered already. Ordering two!
  6. Mine is an s-video modified Sears Video Arcade II with a CX-41 stick. I already had to replace the Stella chip inside of it. Thankfully there are plenty of "broken" atari's that are around, for a cheap fix.
  7. Ghostbusters - 24,200 ROTJ - 6,827 I have no idea how in the world you all are getting those scores on Rotj. I wanted to punt the game out the window due to the kamikaze ships.
  8. Audio has a hum, but I finally got my recording stuff up and running. Adventures of TRON - 65,600 Holy crap is ROTJ difficult.
  9. I got my recording setup, well... set up. Unfortunately the HDMI Upscaler hates my Atari now, using the VCR, unlike before. I was hoping to do screenshots and videos this time around... but that's not looking to be the case right now.
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