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  1. Does this work in MAME? Will I FINALLY be able to play Warlords, the way it's meant to be played? Edit: And can I get two of them for 4 player action? EDIT 2: Looks like my question was answered already. Ordering two!
  2. Mine is an s-video modified Sears Video Arcade II with a CX-41 stick. I already had to replace the Stella chip inside of it. Thankfully there are plenty of "broken" atari's that are around, for a cheap fix.
  3. Ghostbusters - 24,200 ROTJ - 6,827 I have no idea how in the world you all are getting those scores on Rotj. I wanted to punt the game out the window due to the kamikaze ships.
  4. Audio has a hum, but I finally got my recording stuff up and running. Adventures of TRON - 65,600 Holy crap is ROTJ difficult.
  5. I got my recording setup, well... set up. Unfortunately the HDMI Upscaler hates my Atari now, using the VCR, unlike before. I was hoping to do screenshots and videos this time around... but that's not looking to be the case right now.
  6. That's why the Crackpots patch is one of the hardest to find to collect. I wish the patches exists now, I would have gotten one for sure.
  7. What capture card are you using, to not get any deinterlacing tears?
  8. If I had those systems, I would compete. I don't anymore
  9. 39,610 Traffic picked up and squashed my last frog... So close to the extra life too.
  10. I was never a fan of either Pitfall game. At any rate, I have to work the majority of the weekend, and I really don't want to end my voluntold work weekends with frustration. I'll see you all next week.
  11. Just might have to suggest this as a Homebrew up and coming for a homebrew block on the HSC
  12. Quick question. If possible, can you put in the fix that if you move the character, the timeout counter resets? Just in case I feel like playing this game for 10+ hours again...
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