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  1. 99,500 What are the fireballs doing on the pillars stage? They look like they just gave up and started tweaking out.
  2. Welcome back everyone! Hopefully my recording setup will be set up this weekend. I'm excited for this
  3. Aw yeah. All moved, I'm all set up, and no more distractions. Bring it on!
  4. Cross Force is a good game, that is very under-rated.
  5. The only VCS that died on me, was the one that has been through several 8+ hour Berzerk marathons, that is also video modified. The TIA chip died in it, about a year ago. Swapped it out with an Atari that I never got around to fixing the power switch on it, and it went through another 9+ hour marathon for Extra Life, without a hitch. Sounds like you are just having horrible luck.
  6. It all depends how far you want to go. Most HDTV's have no input lag (or significantly less) on HDMI, than with RCA/S-Video. Your best bet, if this is the case, is to get the RCA to Coax adapter listed above, into a VCR. Composite out into an HDMI upscaler. This will produce the least amount of lag using an HDTV. You can also go the route to composite mod your Atari 2600, but with my experiences, you still need a VCR. My HDMI upscaler does not like my Atari 2600 plugged in native. At all. However, a composite modified Atari 2600 will provide a much clearer, and zero RF interference picture, than what RF will provide. EDIT: I live stream Atari when I can, and this is my known working setup. Composite modded Atari 2600 into my VCR. TV gets RF. HDMI Upscaler gets the composite video feed. Audio goes into my DJ mixer, and I add my mic into the mixer. The master out goes into the HDMI Upscaler audio. The HDMI goes into my HDMI capture card. I hope this helps!
  7. ... How? I absolutely need this in my life. Reactor is begging for a trackball.
  8. Why don't we do an up and coming homebrew highlight? I know of a few homebrews that were just made, that would fit perfectly into this format. Ninja Wall Jump immediately comes to mind.
  9. I love crackpots, I will add this to my harmony cart
  10. Man am I glad I didn't play in the gold medal round. Amazing scores everyone!
  11. Nice! I've yet to get to the 4th stage. I got my score by perfect comboing the first two stages with the seeds and killing Wil E.
  12. A little post update to this. Turns out my HDMI Upscaler hates my Atari. Only console too. Everything from the NES to the Dreamcast, it likes.
  13. I no longer have that stick, unfortunately. Right now my favorite stick is the CX-41. The Flashback 2 stick.
  14. I'll have to add this to a list of my games to live stream, see if I can beat the 2nd level.
  15. For a game that's difficult right out of the bat, Jr. Pac-Man wins, for sure. A game that starts out easy and ramps up in difficulty, a lot of people can't handle level 8 on Kaboom!
  16. I was going to pick Crackpots if I win the medal round in the HSC... but I think I just changed my mind. Superb game!
  17. That looks absolutely perfect I'm live streaming Frankenstein's Monster this weekend, on my current setup. S-Video mod > S-video to HDMI upscaler > Avermedia HD-DVR. I wish I had an Elgato. I seen a stream with the direct s-video input of a supergun, and it looked crisper than my Dreamcast test I did on the setup.
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