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  1. I love crackpots, I will add this to my harmony cart
  2. Man am I glad I didn't play in the gold medal round. Amazing scores everyone!
  3. Nice! I've yet to get to the 4th stage. I got my score by perfect comboing the first two stages with the seeds and killing Wil E.
  4. A little post update to this. Turns out my HDMI Upscaler hates my Atari. Only console too. Everything from the NES to the Dreamcast, it likes.
  5. I no longer have that stick, unfortunately. Right now my favorite stick is the CX-41. The Flashback 2 stick.
  6. I'll have to add this to a list of my games to live stream, see if I can beat the 2nd level.
  7. For a game that's difficult right out of the bat, Jr. Pac-Man wins, for sure. A game that starts out easy and ramps up in difficulty, a lot of people can't handle level 8 on Kaboom!
  8. I was going to pick Crackpots if I win the medal round in the HSC... but I think I just changed my mind. Superb game!
  9. That looks absolutely perfect I'm live streaming Frankenstein's Monster this weekend, on my current setup. S-Video mod > S-video to HDMI upscaler > Avermedia HD-DVR. I wish I had an Elgato. I seen a stream with the direct s-video input of a supergun, and it looked crisper than my Dreamcast test I did on the setup.
  10. I will be live streaming attempts this weekend. This week, I am getting the area ready for streaming. Got an HDMI capture card, with an s-video to HDMI upscaler. It's going to look like an emulator when I'm done.
  11. I just got an HDMI capture card. This is super tempting. The most expensive part will be the framemeister, however. I'd love to stream RGB Atari 2600.
  12. I assume it's all 3 of us going at it? It's on
  13. You should be able to adjust the sensitivity inside of Stella, so it feels more like a real Atari.
  14. Somehow... 9 lives, one match. P.s. Pure rng games like this are horrible for the hsc.
  15. Somehow... 9 lives, one match. P.s. Pure rng games like this are horrible for the hsc.
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