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  1. Its been a super busy two weeks... participation points! Now that I am moved back home, I will be able to play a lot more. Millipede - 44095 Shark Attack - 071
  2. http://recordsetter.com/world-record/highest-score-game-1-berzerk-atari-2600/18319 I'm not playing this game again for 11 hours straight. :-p EDIT: For some reason the video isn't working on the site.
  3. Count me in for Atariage/Highscore.com team
  4. Zero time this week, but I can't afford to miss another week. Participation points! 5510
  5. I'll be tackling trying to roll Demons to Diamonds for this week's HSC.
  6. 1,930 I finally got a good game in. Too many deaths that I try to hit the very edge of the see saw... only to end the round prematurely with a death.
  7. Yay participation points! Mountain King - 32,395 I FINALLY got how this game goes... damn bats.... Grand Prix - 2:45:96 I never really was fond of this game. Time Pilot - 21,000 This game is much slower than the arcade one that I am used to. I just can't get into this version.
  8. Hangman - Game 4 - Height Ms. Pac-Man - 70920
  9. I ended the game early when I found out I had a 4 of a kind. 155,575
  10. It all depends on the HDTV. The Atari works perfectly fine on my DLP projector. I used to do the simple Atari video mod for people, and that would have mixed effects on HDTV's. It worked 100% with CRT TV's. It could very well be your HDTV. I'd recommend going out to goodwill, buying a cheap CRT for $20 and testing it out. AWESOME score Botbird! I got my work cut out for me I see.
  11. I am running an s-video modified Sears Video Arcade II. I did this during a live stream. During the live stream, the stream gets the s-video feed, and I get the composite feed. A simple lowering the exposure level on your camera will remove the lines. Also helps if you turn all the lights on in the room and then take the pic, with no flash.
  12. You can only throw two mugs at a time. Only two mugs can be on a bar at a time. If one is coming back, you can only throw one. NOTE: If you throw two and only one comes out... the game remembers it. It will automatically throw another mug down. Press up/down real quick to reset the buffer, so it doesn't throw one automatically. DO NOT MOVE FORWARD as soon as you throw a mug. They will 100% throw it back to you, and for some reason the game ramps up in difficulty instantly.
  13. Keilbaca 22180 Its weird. I can almost one credit complete cave games... but I do absolutely terrible at this game. :/
  14. Now... this is a game I can get into. You ready StanJr?
  15. Keilbaca 107285 I don't like this game at all. Too many deaths just traveling to the next station.
  16. There is a hard mode. It basically starts the game at the hardest level. Its up to Spiceware if he would want me to disclose it or not.
  17. Has anyone found the secret Hard mode yet to Space Rocks? Space Rocks - 47170 Dig Dug - 126750 Dig dug was a lot easier with my joystick that I modified to work on the Atari. I really need to make up/down buttons, as I almost got to my high score on Space Rocks on it, but I felt that my mobility was missing due to the thrust being Up and not a button. I really miss my Starplex
  18. For those of you stuck on certain levels, I made a quick video on my stream to help you all out.
  19. Thank you. Yeah we've been playing for a long time... at one point I did run it temporarily as well. I am REALLY enjoying this game. This game still greatly frustrates me, but I am enjoying this a LOT more than last time. I could have been wrong with my previous statement... that should be the third girl I saved. I played this at 1 am on a sleepless night and lost track on my progress. I will be playing this more, this weekend. Possibly on stream Sunday night.
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